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Thread: Worst thing ever...

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    Default Worst thing ever...

    What is the worst thing that ever happened to you - relationship wise - in game?

    Anything traumatic in game ever keep you up at night thinking about it?

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    Michiko's psycho ex-husband threatening to kill people IRL for hanging out with her.

    Axhinde breaking her heart.

    Jaysehn shooting her down.

    Gaerit being more concerned with his weapons than about her.

    etc. ; ;

    Edit: Didn't actually lose sleep over any of these, it's just a game.
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    Jolena and Stunseed walked in on Augie and Washee in their bed at the Wavedancer. I get drunk nightly in an effort to forget.
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    I dont' know how to say this without sounding like a complete bitch....

    But anyone who looses sleep IRL about a relationship issue that happened in game, should seek help.

    Except the whole Augie-Washee thing. That's just gross. OH, and Michiko's ex threatening to kill people IRL. Screen your in-game dates, people!

    I thought I'd edit to add this:

    I DO feel bad about getting completely shitfaced, and then getting into game and throwing Jesae about like some slutty ragdoll and then waking up the next day to realize what I did.
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    Nilandia's ex-husband, and his player (whom I was with at the time), accused her and me of infidelity, believing strangers over her or me. I withdrew from friends and family attempting to prove him wrong (yeah, stupid me). I'm horrid at starting conversations so we didn't talk much, and he began complaining of being abandoned. Said he'd find someone else to pay attention to him if I didn't.

    Mistress showed up soon after, whom he was quite open about having and had chosen expressly to hurt Nilandia and me, the same woman he left to be with Nilandia. His character started taking off his wedding ring at that time. He began to have phone sex with her player at the same time.

    Finally got a backbone and left him. Turned out later that while we were supposedly together, he'd been having an IRL relationship with the player of his character's adopted daughter, who was well below 18 while he was around 20. He had also had other characters in a myriad of relationships, including slavery and who knows what else, though he flipped out when I tried to have a conventional relationship on another character.

    There's a lot more to it, but that'll give you an idea.

    I certainly picked a winner, didn't I?

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    I don't have IG relationships. I realize some people can just RP them out, but the number of crazies and people who just take things a bit too seriously because their RL prospects aren't so hot are too high.
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    Satira is a virgin and I've never found anyone good enough to be with her.
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    I wasn't kept awake at night about it but I was really extremely pissed off when one of shimms friends was deeded. She wasn't very intelligent and acted a bit stupid and vague in game, but when she got bullied then wasted (by some here I think) I had to take time out for quite a while.
    I can't defend her actions becouse she did piss people off, but I felt sorry for her becouse I knew she was a bit fucked up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satira View Post
    Satira is a virgin and I've never found anyone good enough to be with her.
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    My main character plays a celibate priest. And the reason is because IG relationships that turned into a RL relationship in another game (Federation) totally fucked me.


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