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Thread: YouTube....

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    Default YouTube....

    God I love this website. Was bored today and pulled up some funny lucky louie clips. Post your favorites.

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    Lol I love ask a ninja.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fallenSaint View Post
    That is the greatest thing ever. Thank you for posting that. I will be dabbling in Ninja Q&A's for the next several hours.

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    So What do you think of Snakes on A Plane?

    "Well that really depends on the type of plane.. for a little two-seaters, I really like it. I mean that's a solid way to kill somebody.. maybe put a cobra, a couple of asps, maybe have a boa drop down. When I'm on a transcendental plane though, it's not so cool. It's like, "Oh hey, what's that?!"

    ROFL @ this youtube.. I know how I'll be spending part of my afternoon, haha.

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    Found the video to Missing Time (didn't think there was one), full of clips from heavy metal 2000 (yay!). The site rocks.

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    Once again, SCORE on the Ask a Ninja videos.

    I was so impressed, that I plagiarized a bit of material for my user handle's signature
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    Found the video to Missing Time
    That was the first KMFDM song I ever heard.
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    Lucky Louie sucks a lot of ass, btw.
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    Methais isn't even on my level bitch.

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