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Thread: What's this worth?

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    Hello! Uh, who are you?

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    You remove a long full-sleeved silk tunic with thin beaded laces from on an armor stand.

    You analyze your silk tunic and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "The item type should not change."

    The creator has also provided the following information:
    The silk tunic is designed to hide soft and rigid leather armor which covers torso and arms.

    This garment should be designed in such a manner to convey that ALL these areas are completely covered.

    You carefully analyze your silk tunic and sense that there are some alteration restrictions. The tunic can have either a long or a show description.

    Any outer garment noun may be used for armor concealers as long as they are loose fitting and fully cover the appropriate areas of protection (tunics do not cover legs, so they may not cover leg worn armor, a shawl would not be appropriate at all, etc.).

    Armor concealers that cover the head MUST have a hood/cowl in the base (15/15/15) and in any long descriptions.

    Armor concealers can be made out of any material that is not see-through.

    Racial clothing nouns are approved as follows:
    Ruhan ~ This garment is knee-length or shorter and should not have a hood, so it cannot cover armor with leg or head protection. This concealer cannot be pocketed.
    Toque ~ This noun is approved for any armor and may have a hood.
    Cotehardie ~ This noun may be used but must clearly be an outer garment that falls to the knees (so it cannot cover armor with leg protection) and is not-tight fitting. It should be used as an elven outer garment, not a gown.
    Apotl/Apotla ~ These are fine for concealers, but since it is a waist-length cloak, it only covers torso and arms.
    Atanika/Ataniki ~ These nouns are approved for concealers but should not have a hood.

    You can tell that the tunic's pockets could not possibly get any deeper, and you might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the silk tunic for you.
    A small gold spider crawls over to your left upper arm.

    You carefully inspect your silk tunic.

    You estimate that a long full-sleeved silk tunic with thin beaded laces can store a fairly small amount with enough space for several items.

    You determine that you could wear the tunic around your chest. The tunic appears to serve some purpose.

    You determine that the silk tunic is an armor concealing garment that will hide soft and rigid leather armor which covers torso and arms when it is worn.

    You remember that you registered this item between six and seven years ago.

    You carefully examine the silk tunic and determine that the weight is about 5 pounds.

    You see nothing unusual.

    Any ideas on price please? Thanks for the help!!

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    Curious but how much does a backworn go for that weighs 6 and holds 200?

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    Price check on T2 seph longbow? These can be enchanted nowadays, right?

  5. Default Locker Price Checks?

    Got a whole mess of things clogging up my locker that I'd appreciate any price checks to figure out selling some of this stuff.

    Known Info
    enruned platinum earring under a pound, reimbeddible, bonus of 2 to CON bonus (need to be 11), giantman amount of charges, will persist
    diamond-set mithril alloy armband under a pound, tappable, few charges of cloak of shadows (712), bonus of 2 to mana recovery (need to be 10), bonus of 5 to swimming ranks (need to be 15) persists magically, crumbly on the enhancive end
    blue dreamstone circlet It will crumble, but it gives a bonus of 4 to Stalking and Hiding Ranks for those 24 trains. Bonus of 4 to Intuition for those 7 trains. and a bonus of 1 to Shield Use Ranks for those 4 trains. All with a lot of charges remaining
    engraved gold alloy tiara It is imbeddible, but it will crumble once the enhancives are expended. It provides a bonus of 1 to Arcane Symbol Ranks for those 5 trains. Bonus of 2 to TWC Ranks for those 10 trains. And a bonus of 1 to Aura Bonus for those 7 trains. It has more charges than your average giantman could count.
    polished amber armband It is an imbeddible mage rechargable holy item for average mana. It will crumble on both magics and enhancives. it gives a bonus of 4 to Mana Recovery for those 34 trains and a bonus of 2 to Harness Power Ranks for those 10 trains. It has a lot of charges remaining.
    acid-stained orase runestaff4x
    rough orase runestaff5x
    imflass chain hauberk19 pounds, +12
    a serrated grey vultite fist-scythe 4x, damage-weighted
    a pair of heavy umber hand-wraps4x, damage-weighted, scripted
    deep pink mithril morning star7 pounds, +7, +8 Bonus to Blunt
    blackened imflass half plate35 pounds, +12
    some ornate imflass full plate+12, for some reason the pawnshop won't even appraise this
    an enruned sterling silver bracer blank imeddible, persists
    beryl-inset pewter pinMinor Element Edge, persists, unknown charges
    burnished imflass crown1 charge of ewave

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    a raw spidersilk cloak in blackened silver tones
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    What are PP going for these days? I know the bigger the batch draws a better price. Let's say, 5k PP or higher.

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    6x plate t1 voln, ml, spiked and void/disruption flares(will have to check which)
    any clue on value
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    You carefully inspect your crimson eahnor pavis.

    Your careful inspection of a skull-etched spiked crimson eahnor pavis allows you to conclude that it is a tower shield that protects the bearer if carried in the left hand. You also notice that it is spiked.

    You determine that you could wear the pavis, slinging it across your shoulders and back. The pavis appears to serve some purpose.

    It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of eahnor.

    5x, spiked, Eahnor, can be used to store a weapon. +3 to shield, +4 to dex.
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    Alexandrite dwarven miner statuette. Mage rechargeable 1718(Vtull's Fury)

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