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Thread: What Are You Wearing?

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    Ahhhh so many attractive ladies, my ranger needs to meet a nice rangeress ::rasp::

    Whats yer best ranger alter cause i dont really have one just my archery glove

    some fingerless vrull skin glove:
    The runes on these gloves are stitched with fine strands of faenor, and padding around the palm is provided by extra layers of vruul skin. Large straps made from black kidskin allow these gloves to be fitted perfectly to the wearer. Two of the fingers have been left at full length, perhaps so that an archer may protect their fingers from their bow's string.

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    Well this is my normal rangeress outfit:

    She is wearing some tiny gold hoop earrings, a tiny emerald nose stud, an intertwining golden collar, a gold-etched Faendryl buckler, a translucent spidersilk backpack, a golden ivy wedding ring, a trio of alternating hip-chains with a golden Faendryl longsword hanging from it, a short side-slit glossy green leather dress supported with thin emerald-hued translucent straps, a translucent emerald-hued garter, some form fitted body-armor, and some fitted green leather thigh-boots with arched ivy-veined heels.
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    You see Edaarin Ariter the Cutthroat.
    He appears to be a Human from Selanthia.
    He appears to be in the spring of life and very tall. He has piercing hazel eyes and tanned skin. He has short, tousled dark brown hair. He has a clean-shaven face and broad shoulders.
    He is wearing a narrow-eyed expressionless facemask, a crystal amulet, a deep brown hunting cloak, a shadowy black pin, and a full suit of polished veniom alloy plate-armor.

    I'm not a big fan of fluff.

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    Ladies watch out, Ive seen him maskless! ::snicker::
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    I put it back on so I wouldn't blind anyone with my dazzlingly brilliant features.

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    Thats not what I sent you Edaarin, don't make me post it!

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    He appears to be in the prime of life and very tall. He has deep-set steel blue eyes and tanned skin. He has long, braided golden brown hair with grey at the temples. He has a clean-shaven face, a classical nose and broad shoulders.
    He has a tattooed symbol of Kai on his forearm, a faint silvery mark on his forearm, a bear paw tattoo on his forearm, and a rising phoenix tattoo on his neck.
    He is in good shape.
    He is wearing an antler crested helm, an invar closed-fist locket, a gold-trimmed black silk sash, a gold-trimmed azure pack, a gold-lined azure cloak, some majestic mithril alloy plate, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, some embossed azure leather gauntlets, a heart-cut ruby wedding band, a leather gem pouch, a gold-inlaid myklian scale belt, some shadowy black fitted trousers, a pair of golden spurs, and some black steel-plated boots.

    Show on the Plate

    Deeply set scroll work gilded in gold and copper run up the center of the peasecod styled breastplate, and around the outline of each seperate plate of the armor. Riveted to the left pauldron is a reinforced gardbrace, offering added protection to the left shoulder and neck of the wearer. Below the right pauldron, a small roundell is attached to the breastplate. The intricate scroll work is matched by the careful attention to detail put into virtually every facet of the armor.

    Show on the cloak:
    The cloak is made of stout rolton wool providing the wearer with protection from the wind and biting cold. It is dyed a deep shade of azure allowing the bearer to be easily recognized in combat. The inside is lined with brilliant gold silk contrasting the stout azure wool, and providing a second means of recognition.

    Show on the pack:
    >l my pack
    The heavy cotton cloth of the pack has been dyed a deep shade of azure, and reinforced with thin strips of golvern. Gold piping is used to accentuate the edges of the pack, serving not only as a decoration, but as protection against the fraying of the cotton cloth. An intricately carved ivory phoenix clasps the flap of the pack.

    Edited to add in the show descriptions.

    [Edited on 10-20-2003 by Jack]

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    Someone mentioned wanting to see female rangers. Here's mine. She's not hot, sorry. But she is female, and she is a ranger.

    You see Kuaike Nagosidhe.
    She appears to be a Dhe'nar Dark Elf.
    She appears to be an adult and tall. She has tilted green eyes and ebon skin. She has long, straight white hair shaved underneath on the sides and back with a thin braid hanging behind her left ear. She has a narrow face and sharp pointed ears.
    She is in good shape.
    She is wearing a trio of tiny bleached bone eyebrow rings, a sharp crocodile tooth choker, a floor-length suede longcoat fastened across the front with iron-buckled straps, a long-sleeved natural linen shirt, and a pair of low-slung loose sienna linen pants.

    Show on the choker:
    Strung on a thin, crudely braided sinew cord is a long line of sharp, yellowed crocodile teeth. Each tooth is unusually large and long, attesting to the size of the beast that once owned them.

    Show on the shirt:
    Thin un-dyed linen has been crafted into a loose open-necked shirt, with mid-length sleeves that have been cut to end in the middle of the forearm.

    The merchant slipped in that hypen in undyed. I don't know why. But it irritates me. The shirt is going, anyway. I'm gonna make her attire even simpler and more barbaric by putting her in a top that's just kind of a bandage wrap type thing. Dunno how to describe it, yet. She was born and raised in the jungle, after all, and continues to reside in very warm climates. Less is the way to go for most people of the jungle it seems, when I watch National Geographic shows.

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    My main character at the moment, Lysistrata, is currently wearing this. However, as most know, it changes from day to day, whereas Kuaike will wear the same thing everyday. That's 'cause Kuaike is a wild beast of a woman. Roar.

    You see Lady Lysistrata Scio.
    She appears to be a Nalfein Elf.
    She appears to be youthful and average height. She has cunning, mismatched grey and black eyes and ivory skin. She has long, lustrous deep scarlet hair that falls nearly to the ground, with a dainty curl at the tips. She has a delicate, refined face and a generous mouth.
    She is in good shape.
    She is wearing a rakish feathered cap, a brilliant diamond stud earring, a tailored black leather longcoat, a wide-necked thin grey linen shirt, a pearl-set braided vaalin ring, some slim black leather pants, and a pair of tall back-laced boots.

    Show on the shirt:
    Crafted of thin linen dyed a pale, smoky grey, the shirt is a fairly simple affair with no embroidery or special buttons. The sleeves are cut long to almost cover the hands, with a pair of black leather straps fastened by silver buckles binding each sleeve at the bicep.

    Show on the ring:
    Six tiny white pearls shimmer across the front of the ring, each nested in a tiny, flower-shaped blue vaalin setting. A polished water sapphire framed in pale green imflass separates three pearls on the left from three pearls on the right. More strands of green and blue imflass weave across the back of the ring to create an elegant wave-crest pattern. Several strands of vaalin have been faintly discolored by age and exposure.

    Show on the boots:
    Strong black leather forms these boots, cut to reach knee-height on a human or elf, with thick soles. Each boot is laced up the back from the heel in a criss-crossing pattern.

    This is her hunting outfit. She doesn't hunt in her dresses but she DOES hunt, so this is it. It still shows her wealth (note the BLINGBLING earring!) and style, but it manages not to get in the way constantly, I should think.

    She doesn't normally wear black and due to irritation with Nalfein stereotypes, she will soon be phasing that color out of her wardrobe as completely as possible. She is not a rogue and she doesn't stalk people through the shadows. She CAN and DOES kill people, though. What does this make her? A subtle Nalfein. Gasp. She (and me too) is a subscriber of the "hide in plain sight" philosophy. You don't need to hit someone over the head to get a point across.... although sometimes I feel like it. :flamed:

    Um. End rant.

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    Yeah, well that's what I look like now Tayvin, so nyah!

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