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Thread: What Are You Wearing?

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    She isnt wearing anything under the gown.

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    You see Lady Andelara Erisenthe Illistim.
    She appears to be an Elf.
    She is shorter than average. She appears to be in the bloom of youth. She has astute stormy grey eyes and fair skin. She has long, snarled white-blonde hair with a dainty pair of antlers sprouting from the crown. Her acute elven features, from the angular cant of her jaw line to the exacting sculpt of her eyebrows, lends to a somewhat fierce visage. She has a shimmering pearly white gloss brushed onto her nicely manicured fingernails.
    She has a delicate lace pattern on her neck.
    She is in good shape.
    She is wearing an albino basilisk skin cloak ringed in a mantle of snowy feathers, an almond silk blouse with a deep keyhole neckline, a sleeveless garnet leather bodice with a framing flared stand-up collar, a gnarled widowwood cuff, a misted black-veined emerald ring, a nodule of amber trapping a butterfly hollowed into a ring, a pair of speckled fawnskin chaps laced up the backs in white satin ribbon, some mottled beige leggings, and a pair of cordovan ankle boots pierced with an intricate lacework design.
    A friggin' huge war griffin says, "Dude, stop attacking me."
    A friggin' huge war griffin asks, "Srsly, wtf?"

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