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Thread: What Are You Wearing?

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    I'm curious, what is your backstory as to the cow king setup?

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    You remove a flask of old dirt brown ale from in your loot sack.
    >drink my ale
    You take a drink from your dirt brown ale.
    It is thick with mold.
    You have 6 quaffs left.
    You actually put that in your mouth?! Not a wise choice, if you care about your health.

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    you are wearing some gold-flecked elven chain armor with vaalin-crafted vines encircling the arms, a white linen shirt patched at the elbows with brown suede oak leaves, a brown suede elven traveler's pack, some forest green elven-tailored linen trousers with brown suede trim, a white oak box etched with orange and red hued oak leaves, some weathered brown suede elven tracking boots, a dirt and grass-stained herb satchel bound with frayed bits of twine, and a deeply hooded brown suede traveler's cloak with a white oak leaf-shaped clasp.

    this is my first fully custom altered outfit kinda dont like what i did with the cloak but sticking with it for awhile

    finally found a few axe loops as well (beltworn weapon displayer) took me 4 months to find them lol
    You remove a flask of old dirt brown ale from in your loot sack.
    >drink my ale
    You take a drink from your dirt brown ale.
    It is thick with mold.
    You have 6 quaffs left.
    You actually put that in your mouth?! Not a wise choice, if you care about your health.

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    In all my HELDEN GLORY!!

    You see Paymaster Althaz T'Vishous the Officer of Helden Hall.
    He appears to be a Half-Elf from Ta'Nalfein.
    He is average height. He appears to be young and robust. He has crimson-rimmed dark grey eyes and tanned skin. He has short-cropped, sleek blood red hair arranged into a series of spikes. He has a muscular face, a classical nose and a broad chest.
    He is in good shape.
    He is wearing an elven-crafted platinum-washed helm embossed with the sigil of helden hall, a platinum-threaded royal blue cloak centered with the Helden Hall sigil, a blue and silver silk tabard emblazoned with the crest of Helden Hall, a coiled mithglin chain armband, a pair of platinum-washed vambraces with flaring knuckle-guards, a serpent-clasped crossed leather weapon belt traced with vaalin runes, some supple black leather pants, and a pair of segmented platinum-gilded boots with flaring knee guards.
    You swing a vultite claidhmore at a black forest ogre!
    AS: +401 vs DS: +258 with AvD: +32 + d100 roll: +76 = +251
    ... and hit for 147 points of damage!
    Terrible slash to the black forest ogre's side!
    Entrails spill out, onto the ground!
    Death can be SO messy.
    The light in a black forest ogre's eyes goes out as she collapses and finally dies.

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    For the Baerl Mystiaem tonight:

    You see High Lady Nihrvanah Tarsonath Vaalor the Patron of the Displaced.
    She appears to be an Elf.
    She is average height and has a delicately boned, waifish body. She appears to be youthful. She has slightly squinted, violet-edged gentian blue eyes and impeccably smooth, porcelain white skin. She has long, heavily layered ultramarine hair loosely styled around a silver-tipped spiraled crystal horn. She has a velveteen-backed mask carved from faceted silver-speckled twilight blue crystal covering the upper half of her face, a pert, button nose and a set of full, pouty lips naturally tinted with a delicate, rosy shade. Her neck is long and sinewy, accentuating her fey-like countenance.
    She has a spiral of gold-threaded jacinths in the upper ridge of her left ear, a rune tattoo on her arm, and a ring of elven runes tattoo on her ankle.
    She is in good shape.
    She is holding a tarnished silver case with a mother-of-pearl latch in her right hand.
    She is wearing a multi-faceted blue crystal tiara, a silver-dappled black bear fur stole settled low on the shoulders, a pair of sweeping silver-tipped celestial blue wings, a lustrous midnight blue gown descending into a nebulous swirl of dark silk, a coraesine ring-of-flames solitude band, and some sparkling crystal open-toed slippers inset with filigree silver disks.
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    It's Topsy-Turvy Gala time! Irelain made some great masks last night.

    You look at yourself carefully in the rose gold mirror...

    You see Chatelaine Traiva Verethundi the Incantress.
    She appears to be an Aelotoi of the Mrae'ni Clan.
    She is petite in stature and has an hourglass figure. She appears to be in the prime of life. She has smoldering, viridian-flecked dark hazel eyes and rose-tinted ivory skin. She has long, sleek kohl black hair styled in a luxurious overlay of thin-stranded plaits. She has a heart-shaped face and high cheekbones. She has a pair of jade-veined elongated emerald wings.
    She has a knotwork and dragonfly tattoo on her neck.
    She is in good shape.
    She is holding an ornate floral-motif rose gold mirror inset with tiny white moonstone dew drops in her right hand.
    She is wearing a black and white checkered mask, a black silk cloak held at the throat by a pale metallic silver mistvein diamond toggle, a small golden Paupers pin, a golden battle dragon pin wielding dual inverted blazestar quarter notes, a formal white cotton saephua, an emerald-set gold wedding ring, a velvet belt pouch, some silver-buttoned supple black leather pants, and some high-heeled black silk boots.

    >l mask
    A checker pattern of large black and white squares completely covers the porcelain mask. Black and white striped ribbons help serve as ties, while the interior is lined with black velvet. Tiny dark green emerald chips form arches above each eye-hole, creating exaggerated eyebrows.
    There appears to be something written on it.

    >read mask
    In the Common language, it reads:
    "Life is a masquerade."

    >l tat
    Stylized dragonflies are inked in shades of blue and green, the hues varying in intensity along the length of each insect. Small deep green circles of intricate knotwork connect the dragonflies to form the appearance of a chain around the neck. The outline of a stag's head is inked in dark gold at the back of the neck, nestled between two dragonflies.

    >l ring
    A large marquis-cut emerald sits centered in display, flanked by four smaller matched stones of similar color and cut, the whole of the arrangement suggesting a stylized dragonfly. It perches atop a band of fiery reddish gold, engraved about its span with a subtle pattern of sinuous wisps.

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    Finally got my glamour tattoo finished, thought I'd post it here because of how happy I am with how it turned out. =) Huge, huge thanks go out to Seomanthe for partnering with me on this. Thank you! <3

    You see Riend Ar'Fiernel the Master Artisan.
    She appears to be humanoid, but her features shift erratically between sylvan and human, without settling on either.
    She manifests an imperious air between her imposing height and penetrating gaze. Her shifting form fades in and out of plane, making her age impossible to estimate. The flickering malachite green glow of her swirling eyes obscures any whites, and the refulgence washes the color from her preternatural, pallid countenance. Pulled loose from the intricate chignon at her crown, strands of her long hellebore black hair float in a constant state of motion around her. Tendrils of plasma lash out from the tempestuous corona of foxfire green that surrounds her.
    She has a dim cloud of ethereal wisps furiously whirling around her. The silver locket she wears glows softly at her throat, the hovering image of a sirenflower reflecting across its ornate cover. Opulent as her emerald satin gown appears with its daringly low-cut decolletage and full, bustled skirts, closer inspection reveals the gown to be dated in style. A dark crimson stain blooms across the gowns stomacher, like a rose slowly unfurling its petals. Just as the blood soaks completely through the corset panels, spreading down the skirts like a watercolor painting, the act reverses itself until the stain disappears completely. Beneath her skirts, impossibly tall gilt-traced chopines are lifted high on fel heels carved into a startling mosaic of human faces locked in horror.

    A rune-etched dagger flickers into sight, jutting out of Riend's abdomen. As she swiftly pulls it free, her face stretches into a golem-like visage, her attention trained on the varied ghostly impressions of dozens upon dozens of women, mouths open in silent screams, swirling around her.

    Everything vanishes when Riend's trembling hand drops the dagger.

    The foxfire green corona around Riend flashes brightly, the tendrils of plasma wrapping around her protectively as her visage briefly melds into an unusual blend of her at-war sylvan and human counterpoints. They melt together harmoniously at first, then abruptly shudder apart.

    Shadows bloom within Riend's eyes, toning the foxfire green glow to a hunter green hue. The commanding expression written across her human features softens subtly as the faint outline of a swirling blood red orb appears and drifts down into her waiting hand. The moment it touches her flesh, however, her human features warp into her sylvan mien.

    With a maddened cry, she violently hurls the orb away, the shadows scattering from her eyes as it disintegrates.

    Riend's face twists into an irritated mask as one of the innumerable wisps of light surrounding her zips furiously to and fro. Raising one ghostly hand, palm upward, she snaps her fingers imperiously. The wisp seems to shrivel inward upon itself as it subsides downward into her waiting hand, where she quickly crushes it.

    A swirl of foxfire green light lifts away from Riend, her skin flushed with lively color. The glowing illumination swirls around her briefly, then drapes back down over her, a pallid, ghostly complexion crawling over and re-conquering the texture and hue of her visible flesh.

    The corona of phosphorescent light around Riend lashes out, glowing with ethereal vibrancy.

    The aura surrounding Riend dims as her features take on a decidedly human mien. Her hands slide almost furtively to her abdomen, rapidly causing shock to replace the triumph on her face. A series of disparate visages flow across her face in the blink of an eye, before her features return to their flickering ethereal transience.


    Riend drops her face into her hands and lets out a soft moan. The sound transforms into a ghostly wail as a foxfire green glow flares to life across her skin, the radiance completely obscuring Riend from your vision for a moment.
    (hidden) A piteous moan emanates from the shadows, followed by a blinding flare of foxfire green plasma.

    A swirl of foxfire green light suddenly rushes away from Riend with a banshee-like wail. Riend echoes the wail with more fear than rage.
    (hidden)A rush of foxfire green light pours from the shadows, accompanied by a baleful banshee-like wail that rises in timbre from rage to fear.
    You slap Walkar's cheek, hard.
    He continues, "I've decided that I'm not going to let you serve community service, so don't get your hopes up. To this aim, you may either pay the fine of 50000000 silvers plus any other outstanding debts you may owe, or serve a total of 120 minutes of incarceration. You may ANSWER me either FINE or INCARCERATION as your choice. But I digress. Choose quickly, now, lest I hold you in contempt of court for wasting my time."

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    For the Chalice's performance for the delegation last night.

    You see Lunaryna Talviel.
    She appears to be a Dhe'nar Dark Elf.
    She is moderately tall and has a trim build. She appears to be in the flower of life. She has cloth-swaddled milky grey eyes and smooth, pale dusky skin. She has hip-length, silky smooth white hair falling from a sharp widow's peak in chaotic waves. She has a delicately structured, aristocratic face and a tiny crescent moon-shaped birthmark behind her left ear.
    She has an intricate argent design on her neck, and a cinereous thorned rose tattoo on her wrist.
    She is in good shape.
    She is wearing a silver-laced pale moonstone necklace, a trailing cloth-of-vaalin gown, a slim white jade band, an unfurled rose ring inset with pave black diamonds, a burnished dark witchwood kit, a pair of thin dark eahnor thigh-bands, a pair of sheer thigh-high silk stockings with a lace border, and a pair of gilt pale silk slippers.

    >l design
    Done entirely in argent and ebon tones, the tattoo is an intricate webbing that cages her entire throat like a collar. Hard edges of the netting follow the line of her jaw, its bottom edge narrowing down to terminate in a point on her sternum. Intricate drapings of chains and gem beads grace the design in perfect symmetry, gleaming against the starkness of the webbing.

    >l gown
    Cut from soft iridescent cloth-of-vaalin, the gown features a stiff short collar that melts into a plunging V that terminates below the bust. Trailing pendant sleeves spill from the fitted shoulders, the knotted ends blending into the loose trailing skirts. The dress is bound at the back from collar to above the skirts in a cage of sharp skeletal vaalin talons, each piece wrapping tightly around the torso and up under the arms to the edge of the V opening.

    >l slippers
    Pale silk the hue of snow covers the subtle platform lifting these unique slippers, vaalin gilding creating a flurry of patterns up the outer edges of the shoes. A thickening of the arch can be noticed, lending additional support due to the lack of heels - instead quartz points seem to grow outward from the underside like a geode. Spidersilk criss-crosses over the top like a glistening web, giving a flexibility and security to the wearer.

    Lunaryna has a smoky-sweet aura enshrouding her, a nebula tenuously threaded with scents woven to create a complex interfusion of acrid and floral notes. Reminiscent of a newly extinguished flame, a charred current drifts in the forefront of the fragrance and is underscored by hints of peony and asphodel so faint as to seem mere apparitions. A coppery twinge ties together both the ash and blossoms, wending through the haze to emerge when all else has faded.

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    For tonight's court session in Solhaven

    You see Lady Kyaloria the Hospitaller of the Order of Venquinor.
    She appears to be a Half-Elf.
    She is tall. She appears to be youthful. She has piercing, sapphire-rimmed azure eyes and creamy, delicately rose-blushed ivory skin. She has finger-tousled, glossy raven hair in a dramatic, asymmetrical a-line bob with soft tendrils falling forward in sharply angled layers to frame her face. She has a delicate face and a well proportioned nose. She has full, petal-pink lips which emphasize her high, refined cheekbones.
    She has an inky black sigil on the nape of her neck.
    She is in good shape.
    She is wearing a wire-thin back lariat necklace suspending intense azure sapphire plumes, a backless blue silk velvet gown with pooling floor length skirts, an emerald-set red bronze ring, and a pair of cobalt silk low-heeled shoes inset with filigree silver disks
    You tilt your hilt back and forth, allowing light to play over etchwork on its tortoiseshell surface. The etching reads, "Giggles."

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