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    I'm not very creative and could use some help. I'm looking for 2 alter ideas. First one is for a pelt bundling satchel. I think I'd like the noun to be hip-satchel, color to be brown, green or grey. The second one is for a griffin pin. Another simple design would be great. The character is a ranger, all about practicality. So... someone think of a fancy way to say that the stuff is incredibly plain and functional? I really appreciate any help I can get!
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    A basic brown hip-satchel
    A small (animal) pin.
    I'd use your animal companion as the animal
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    A seasoned brown leather hip-satchel
    A carved oaken hawk ornament

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    a weathered dark [brown/grey/green] hip-satchel lashed with rawhide
    a brushed tawny leather hip-satchel secured with a wooden toggle
    a utilitarian dark [brown/grey/green] leather hip-satchel

    a verdigrised copper leaf pin
    a bronzed [animal] pin
    a carved oak totem
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    Just keep in mind when you use a hyphenated noun like that, you have to use the first word as the "Put" option. So you'll have to use "put pelt in my hip" vs. "put pelt in my satchel". Some people don't care about that. Some people do. Thought I'd mention it just in case.

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