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Thread: World of Warcraft News

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    Didn't they pwn it taking fall damage tho? I Havn't played my priest in what is almost a year now.. time to dust him off when patch rolls I guess.
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    Eyonix stated that with 1.10, PW:S will come with the flat 15 second weakened soul debuff, and +healing gear will increase the amount absorbed. As far as fall damage, you shouldnt be taking any as a priest. Levitate ftw!

    Edit: Inner Fire will be changed also. It'll be on a 10 minute timer instead of 3, mana cost will reflect this. On the downside, it only lasts for 20 hits. So, in a PvP situation, it received a huge nerf, but in a raid it received a huge buff.
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    Default WoW Atlas Gift Pack Available

    World of Warcraft Atlas Gift Pack now available! - Blaze on 2/28/06

    The World of Warcraft Atlas Gift Pack from BradyGames is now available for purchase in the Blizzard Online Store. The Atlas is a comprehensive hardcover resource that includes maps of all regions and major cities as well as detailed plans of places such as Everlook and Ghostwalker Post, revealing critical locations and characters. Shrink-wrapped within this Gift Pack come eight exclusive full-color bookmarks, one for each race in World of Warcraft: Human, Night Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Orc, Troll, Undead, and Tauren. Each bookmark includes a character image on the front and has the race description and coat of arms on the back. Read more about it here.

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    Default Public Test Realms Available

    Patch 1.10 Public Test Realms Now Available! - Ordinn on 3/3/06

    The public test realms are now live! Players can now try out all the changes and additions coming in content patch 1.10. The highlights of this patch include Priest class improvements, new dungeon armor sets, weather effects, and a host of other exciting features. View the 1.10 test realm patch notes here to learn more.

    Players can participate in the test realms by creating a character, using a pre-made level 60 character, or copying their characters from existing realms to the test realms. To copy a pre-made character, visit our Test Realm Character Copy page. Character transfers to the test realm are available from 3:00 AM to 3:00 PM PST Monday through Friday. The test realm game client, which can be downloaded at the same page, is available for both PC and Mac.

    Please be aware that the test realms are designed to allow us to test major content patches before they go public. Therefore, some changes may be introduced to the public test realms during the testing phase, before a patch goes live, and some changes may be introduced to the patch after the test realms have closed. To read more about the test realms, please review the Test Realm FAQ. We truly appreciate our players taking the time to help us test the latest changes to the game; thank you all!

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    Default Burning Crusade Bestiary

    The Burning Crusade Bestiary - Frost on 4/10/06

    Get a first glimpse of the many dangerous creatures you will be facing in the game's upcoming expansion, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Read more about the sinister ethereals, the fearsome forest trolls, the nightmarish fleshbeasts, and the terrible gronn on the new Bestiary page. The bestiary will be updated in the coming weeks, so check back often!

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    Why the new server wide LFG chat sucks:

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    It has introduced a game wide spam opportunity. I can see it as a great 'call to arms' tool when being invaded by a group of opposing force in a specific area that does not have many high level players around.

    It was used lastnight when a 12 man horde group invaded westfall, next thing you know a whole squadron of birds landed from SW to deal with it.

    So there's some advantages, just not enough to outweigh the spamming. It kind of reminds me of a lesser OOC channel on psinet.
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    Make a world defense channel (I thought there already was one). And put those type of attacks on there.

    I would be up for IF/SW/Darnassus sharing a LFG channel.

    But if I'm in Lakeshire, I don't give a shit if they need a mage for a LBRS run.
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    It's a fucktarded idea. Only way it would be useful is for raids and such, as regular quests are mostly area-specific. Throwing those messages in with raid messages and general 'global chat', and I'd bet it gets nearly impossible to find a group for some elite boss in Un'Goro or the Loch. Nobody's using it for groups from what I saw last night, so it's essentially become a global general, while general and trade have been inundated with LFG messages.

    Solution: Global Looking For Raid channel, LFG back to local.
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    The funniest argument was a person looking for a Deadmines group who said "LFG DM" and another person bitched at him and told him to use "LFG VC" because people thought he meant Diremaul.

    It got pretty ugly.

    And on top of all that, all those other servers that were down made the fucktards join in.
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    My girlfriend plays World of Warcraft better than I do.
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