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Thread: Picture Post - Post it up

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    Ha, another message board I posted it at, the people said I looked like Steve.
    Space for rent, inquire within.

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    You look bald and stupid.
    Razzle them. Dazzle them. Razzle dazzle them.

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    This picture was taken in like December of 99 after my motorcycle wreck..It's not new since those are on my PC, but it will do!

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    Cat's suck. Get a dog!

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    I have a German Shephard! Only dog our family will ever have

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    Until it gets eaten by a pit bull.

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    More like YOU get eaten by a pit bull.
    Razzle them. Dazzle them. Razzle dazzle them.

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    Originally posted by Bobmuhthol
    More like YOU get eaten by a pit bull.
    ...I hereby believe Bob is 13. Or 10.

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    Actually pit bulls are the least likely dogs to bite someone, they are extremely aggressive towards other dogs though.

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    Pit Bulls make excellent companions...Unless locked in a dark room and tied like a beast and fed fresh carved meat of a cat's dead carcass.

    Other than that, they are very domicile. We just have always had German shephards for some reason, I personally like Huskies.

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