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Thread: What are you listening to atm?

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    The World is Quiet Here - See the Sun

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    For Bob Saget:

    Quote Originally Posted by Anticor
    If you and Jar Jar Binks had a child it would rule the world.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stanley Burrell
    Wikka wikka my nikka yo yo yo yo: CHECK IT. Tha thang in the thang and bedump bedump da BEBANG knowwhatIsayin?!

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    I'm one of those few weirdos who doesn't use Lich.

    "When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist." - Dom Helder Camara

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    I am autistic.

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    Fred again.. feat. The Blessed Madonna - Marea (We've Lost Dancing)

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    Tomcraft - Loneliness (Klub Cut)

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    Coeus - Alea

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    Vhyce - Sounds I Heard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bhaalizmo View Post
    Nice. Epic and Falling to Pieces are awesome throwbacks. I know there are other fnm songs I like, but it's been a minute. Those two are imprinted though.
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    Gears of War (trailer: and Donnie Darko both adopt this song. This is a cover of an old Tears for Fears song, but G.J. has a lot of good originals as well.

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