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    So I still have 4 armor use training on my Wizard, Sorcerer etc for full leather. I am noticing 2 armor use on some posted trainings. Did something change with regards to fulls and action penalties or did we just all have it wrong? Does the same apply to other armor groups like brigandine that was 30 armor use trainings. Any formulas to back this up?


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    From what I can recall nothing was changed, but GMs gave us the wrong formula many years ago and only recently (past couple of years) the GMs realized their mistake and gave us the updated formula.

    You can also download my Lich script ;training-buddy which will show you what each rank of Armor Use does and how many ranks you need for the various calculations (Action Penalty, RT penalty, Hindrance penalty, etc etc.)
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    Hey cool script. Just so I am using this correctly.

    When I increase the armor use for full leather the only value that changes is the 'New RT Added:' which goes to 0 with 2 armor use. Is this the value I am supposed to use for AP as well or is there no possible reduction in AP for full leather?

    For double leather 'New RT Added:' drops at 6 armor use. While the AP doesn't change until 56 armor use which I would probably never train up to for a spell caster using double leather.

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    Yeah you can hover your mouse over anything in the script and it will explain what's going on.

    The Action Penalty (AP) can never be fully trained off, the best you can do is reduce the penalty by 50% by training in armor use.

    Full Leather has an AP of -1 so you can never make this better since again you can't bring it to 0 and there are no half points here.

    Double Leather has a base AP of -6. You can train off 1 point for every 50 ranks above what you need to train off the RT penalty. So since Double Leathers requires 6 ranks to train off the RT penalty, that means you can train off 1 AP at 56 ranks, another at 106 ranks, and the last one at 156 ranks.

    Pures typically don't bother training off AP, that's more of a semi/square thing, but you can do so if you choose. Although I would make that a post cap goal if you plan on doing it at all.

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    Using armored evasion let's you go lower than half

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolfard View Post
    Using armored evasion let's you go lower than half
    True dat.

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