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I think there is a script called shield-size that can tell you what is best in terms of shield size and defense. It has been a while since I used it and it may no longer be accurate but I know that when I used a shield on my alts it always came out to a medium being best. Since you are still under 20 you can change up your build to test it easily.

I like dodge for brawlers but it is a lot more TP's than shield use for a ranger. My monk is fully doubled but it is so cheap for a monk, my wizard would be singled but it is so expensive that is a far off post cap goal.

I do not think you will have an issue with your MM, I know that I do not when I use my cestus, moonbeam and tangleweed raise it dramatically.

I know there are some that will think we are nuts for this build but it is very effective, and there are two things I love about UAC, critters cannot dodge and you cannot be disarmed.
I would look at the wiki for the impacts of your MM based on shield size. Since you can’t get unarmed brawler it won’t be great holding a tower shield to maximize your offense capabilities.