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    Default Uploaded ;container-window

    A window for all of your container needs!

    This script creates a window that tracks all containers and their contents. Whenever this script notices a container with things inside of it (whether you are wearing the container or it's in the room), it will add that container and its contents to the window. Each container can be double clicked to open up their contents in a new tab. Double click the contents to GET that item from the container. Double click something you are wearing to REMOVE it.

    The window itself is highly customizable, start script as ;container-window settings to change the look of the window.

    Right click container tabs to close them. Right click containers on the Main tab to remove that container from the Main tab.

    Middle click a container's tab to LOOK IN that container.

    This script makes use of the Sorted View in game setting. With Sorted View on, this script will also list items in their categories such as Weapons, Armor, Magic, etc. Note that the game doesn't always give Sorted View information, so when non-sorted view information is sent to the script it will overwrite the Sorted View list.

    Whenever you move to a new room all containers that you are not wearing will be automatically removed from the Main list. Why do you need to know what the contents are of a container if you're no longer in the room with said container?

    Box information will also be automatically removed once the box is empty.

    Script has limited search functionality. With the window as the focus you can start typing to search through that container for an item. The search begins with the first word though, so if you enter "vultite" it will find any items that start with the word "vultite", but not items with "vultite" as the second word.

    Commands when the script is running:
    scan room: Script will LOOK IN, ON, UNDER, and BEHIND everything in the room and update the window with all of the containers and their contents it found.
    scan inv: Script will OPEN and LOOK IN everything you are wearing and update the window with all of your worn containers and their contents.

    Future planned updates:
    Tabs of containers will have multiple rows instead of all of the tabs being on just one row.

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    Version 2 already:

    Version 2: The title of the window and the header of the Main tab now both show the character's name.

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    More updates already?!


    Version 3: Right clicking the Main tab will now close all other open tabs.
    Version 3: You can now edit what double clicking, middle mouse clicking, and right mouse clicking does on tabs and contents in the settings menu.

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