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    This script provides information to make your life picking boxes easier. It shows your current lockpicking skill with each type of lock, it gives you a recommendation on the next step you should take in opening a box (checking for traps, disarming trap, picking lock, etc), it color codes lockpick and lockpick+lore values to show which picks can open the current lock (assuming you have a way to find the difficulty of the lock), plus more!

    Script works with any kind of picking (ground, holding the box, locksmith's pool, etc), but at the moment it only automatically detects when you start a new box at the locksmith's pool, any other kind of picking requires you to click the "New Box" button when starting a new box.

    Note: This does not automate anything at all. It is merely information for those who like to see information, or for those people who don't like to automate things and want to do things by hand...for some strange reason...

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    Uploaded version 2:

    Version 2: Fixed bug with script crashing when finding the exact lock difficulty.

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