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Thread: Map issue after update.

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    Default Map issue after update.

    I updated to the new Lich, and when I use ;maps.lic it is just loading an empty window that is minimized and can't be opened.

    I've tried completely deleting all of my lich and ruby files, including my maps, and reinstalling doesn't fix it - same problem.

    Any ideas what my problem could be?

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    It's showing offscreen somewhere. This can happen to anyone, but usually happens on laptops with external monitors.

    Easiest fix is probably to right click on the task bar icon for map.lic and select the move option. Then use your up / down / left / right arrows to move it onto the viewable screen until you can grab it and drag it where you want it. Then kill the script and restart it to be sure it ended up where you think it should.

    Edited to add: WindowsKey + ArrowKey will help move it too, if it is the top most window.
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