The EO team has released Lich 5.7.0 with too many improvements to list here.

5.7.0 is a release that brings Ruby 3.x to the table. This will allow all users to upgrade to Ruby 3.2 (if using the installer) which is the current supported Ruby.

5.7.0 will continue to work with Ruby 2.6.6 or higher (the version of Ruby used with Lich 5.6 +.) This transition ability is to allow users to confirm 5.7.0 for their game enjoyment, and subsequently update to Ruby 3.2. Future versions of Lich will require Ruby 3 + .

To update your existing Lich 5 installation to 5.7.0

1) Backup your lich folder. Back it up somewhere where it can't be affected. Back it up again!
2) Update your update command :
;lich5-update --library=update.rb
and then
3) Log out everyone, log in one character and perform the
;lich5-update --update

For information on fresh installs please visit

Enjoy 5.7.0, and don't hesitate to ask questions!