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    Hey everyone,

    So, I was trying to teach an uncommon rune to a fellow sorcerer, and received the message:

    "You do not feel confident enough in your knowledge of the lorae'tyr-abyran rune to try and teach anyone."

    Is this a matter of skill level? Something that I have to perform or create prior to teaching? Or is it a case where this rune just can't be taught?

    I believe I won the knowledge of this rune years ago in an auction, but I really can't be sure. If it was taught to me, would I be able to teach it to another?

    Thanks very much for any help that can be provided.

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    This is what the wiki says about uncommon runes.

    Some may be taught indefinitely, others only once or twice, and some cannot be taught by players at all.

    if it was that far back perhaps you already have taught the limit. or it's one that cant be taught.

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    Type "rune uncommon" to get a list of uncommon runes that you are able to draw on a runestone. Type "rune teach" to see which of them, if any, you can teach. To gain the ability to teach an uncommon rune, you must win a raffle of otherwise acquire it at a merchant event. Even then, you will usually have the ability to teach it only one to three times, and sometimes zero times.

    Knowledge of uncommon runes (by which I mean the ability to draw an uncommon rune on a runestone) is not nearly as valuable today as it was when the the minor summoning spell was initially released. Prior to HSN 2015, the only way to summon a particular type of demon was to use a drawn rune or to get lucky through random summoning attempts. During HSN 2015, the minor summoning spell was changed to give everybody a chance, based on skill, to summon a particular type of demon without the use of a runestone. Drawn runes are still useful because they greatly increase the chance of success.

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