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Thread: Uploaded ;grids to the repo

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    Default Uploaded ;grids to the repo

    Uploaded ;grids to the repo.

    Here is the ;repo info grids info:

    This is currently a work in progress. Many more features are planned for real soon now!

    A highly customizable window for tracking all sorts of things.

    You can track things like your current stance, your current mind state, whether you have a current offer (someone GIVEs you something), your current group size and names of your group members, who your group leader is, and more (soon!)

    You can customize each of these tracking options to look exactly how you want.

    Want it to simply say "STANCE OFFENSIVE" in black letters on a white background? You can do that!
    Want it to show an emoji of a red shield on a blue background? You can do that too!
    Want it to show a picture of a kitten you downloaded from the internet? Believe it or not, you can do that too!

    The possibilities are endless and the choices are yours!

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    As noted this is still a work in progress and I plan to add more features and more tracking options. Taking suggestions for new features, new tracking stuff, and maybe a cooler name than ;grids. I chose ;grids because when I first started work on the script I created a window with 400 buttons on it and they were all arranged like a grid. So yeah. Let me know if I broke anything.

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    Uploaded a new version of ;grids.

    Script can now track bounty information and you can use this to create your own bounty window. You can choose to either show the full BOUNTY text or use a simplified version that just shows the important information. Or you can choose to show both! I don't judge.

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    This version of ;grids isn't ready for release yet, but it's coming along nicely. Why should Wrayth be the only front end with clickable hyperlinks?! The screenshot shows what is possible to put into a single window of ;grids. While ;grids can basically be a replacement for your FE, it's not a standalone program at this time so you would still need to logon via a FE and then run ;grids, but maybe someday it will be a standalone program.

    I'll also be adding more tracking widgets into ;grids so you can track more stuff and stuff.

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    Next version of ;grids is coming along nicely.

    Real soon now!

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    Can't wait to play with this. Looks fantastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nephelem View Post
    Can't wait to play with this. Looks fantastic.
    Darn right!

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    Uploaded new version of ;grids

    Version 3: New widget types: Text View which is basically a Game Window in other Front Ends. Entry which is where you type commands to send to the game.
    Version 3: In a Text View widget: You can choose which tags (such as speech, whispers, thoughts, etc) you want to see and customize how they look.
    Version 3: New tracking options: silvers, experience, left hand, right hand, prepared spell, health, mana, stamina, spirit, round time, cast round time, and maybe some others I forgot.
    Version 3: You are no longer limited to certain colors for color options (although those options still work), now you can enter any RGB value or hexadecimal value to use any color you want.
    Version 3: You can now copy settings from one widget and paste them to another widget.
    Version 3: Other new features I'm sure I am forgetting.

    Still very much a work in project and missing some features, but a week ago I started to test the script for memory usage and whatnot and wanted to release this version now so people can play around with it and provide any feedback in regards to memory usage or anything else.

    I put the script through some heavy testing with 86 characters all hunting together so there was a lot of screen scroll. I tested for 12 hours (not continuously but most of it) and by the end the memory usage for ;grids + Lich + WizardFE was close to what I saw with my characters who were testing with no ;grids and Wrayth, so Lich memory usage + Wrayth memory usage.

    I also tested it 10 characters all running ;grids and it seemed to work just fine.

    I'm still working on memory and whatnot for improvements to see if I can cut the memory usage down even more but as I said some feedback would be great.

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    You try it right now!

    Remember the script is highly customizable. What I have shown in the last pic is just what the script defaults to when you first start the script. But do ;grids setup and you can set it up exactly how you want.

    You also don't need to use it as a complete FE replacement, you can just have it track a few things without the need to replace the game window or input window thingie.

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