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Thread: Releasing new script soon, a graphical FE thingie...sort of...

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    Default Releasing new script soon, a graphical FE thingie...sort of...

    Got another script in the works. It's a highly customizable graphical thingie that shows things like wounds, experience, stance, etc etc, basically what windows you see in the game's FEs, but like, more customizable and stuff. Not quite ready for release yet but figured I would show some pics of what to expect and ask for any suggestions or recommendations while I'm still working on the script.

    And did I mention lots of settings?!

    You can use plain text, progress bars, or even Unicodes (which are images/emojis, here is a small list of available unicodes: to represent the various things you want to represent. You can also create as many windows as you want to hold all of the widgets and each window is capable of having 400 widgets on it, although I wouldn't really recommend using all 400, but they are there if you want to use them!

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    Oh yeah almost forgot, you can use images too. You want to use a picture of a kitten to represent you being in offensive stance? You do you!

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