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Thread: Returning player

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    Just reactivated my account from 2008. Reminded me of why I quit in the first place, completely naked characters. Mistakes were made- enough said. I am looking to scratch the nostalgic itch and at the same time watch numbers go higher. I am looking for someone who can spend a little bit of time helping me get everything up and running for two characters and maybe give some advice, the state of the game, and whatever. Feel free to message me on here also leaving my discord info below.

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    A lot has changed since 2008, so if you have any specific questions I'm sure someone can provide some answers.

    The game is in good shape overall, just lower numbers of people since 2008, but still a strong community considering we're all playing a 30 year old MUD.

    If you don't have Lich you should get it, makes the game much more enjoyable these days.

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    I've done a bit of research and am aware of Lich but you seem to need 20 other things to get it set up and working. For example, the sticky above about what scripts people use has not been updated in years and the post is from a decade ago.

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    Lich works great right out of the box. Mostly ;narost for maps and ;go2 to get to locations faster and easier.

    There are other scripts that are useful depending on what you want Lich to do.

    ;eloot for looting stuff
    ;bigshot for hunting stuff

    Any script from Dreaven because he's the most awesome person ever.

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    For the most part, I just want to set it up and let it do its thing. I just retired from the Army and am currently sitting around taking random online college courses. I do not mind babysitting it while I do other stuff but the more I can get Lich to do the better. If I get banned then I get banned.

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    Are you having trouble getting Lich installed?

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    Stuck on the install sqlite3 part. Most likely have the wrong version of ruby installed. I did the ruby2.0.0-p648

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    Yeah I'm not very good at troubleshooting the installation of Lich.

    Maybe someone more familiar can chime in or you can try asking on the GemStone Discord server.

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    It is a user error/outdated info. Seems the Lichproject website is not up to date. I dug through the wiki and found a newer version that installs Ruby and Lich together.
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    Woot woot.

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