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Thread: 8x 34 CER Ridgid armor ithzir

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    Default 8x 34 CER Ridgid armor ithzir

    It imparts a bonus of +40 more than usual.
    It helps to increase the efficiency of attacks made by the wearer with a bonus of 5.
    It is moderately resistant (15%) to slashing attacks.
    It is moderately resistant (15%) to crushing attacks.
    It is very resistant (20%) to puncturing attacks.
    It is very resistant (20%) to shocking attacks.
    It appears to weigh about 9 pounds.
    It is estimated to be worth about 389,350,000 silvers.
    It is phenomenally padded against critical blows.
    It is spiked.
    It is predominantly crafted of leather.
    It has been ensorcelled 1 time.
    It is an overwhelming project (1,667 difficulty) for an adventurer to modify.
    It has some unknown (scripted) benefit.
    It has a temporarily unlocked loresong by you for 1 day, 23 hours and 30 minutes.
    >inspect armor
    You carefully inspect your krolvin battle armor.

    Your careful inspection of a suit of krolvin battle armor allows you to conclude that it is scale armor that covers the torso and arms. You also notice that it is spiked.

    You determine that you could wear the armor around your chest. The armor appears to serve some purpose.

    It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of leather.
    Julenne just arrived.
    Julenne just went east.
    >anal armor
    You analyze your krolvin battle armor and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

    The creator has also provided the following information:
    This armor offers a chance to interrupt an attack when you are stunned, webbed, rooted, immobilized, unconscious, or prone.
    This is Base armor, and will fire up to 15 times per day to move you in a random direction. It has special messaging for WEAR, REMOVE, and CLEAN.
    It can be altered freely, within normal armor altering guidelines. Because some of the messaging refers to buckles and straps, nothing that completely conflicts with that concept should be done.

    This armor is at unlock level 9. It may not be unlocked further.

    Flare Chance Tree: Tier 1
    Status Condition Tree: Tier 4
    Healing Tree: Tier 0
    Charges / Escape Tree: Tier 4

    You can tell that the armor is as light as it can get.

    You assess the armor for structural weaknesses and strengths.

    Careful examination indicates the krolvin battle armor has a base strength of 45 and a base durability of 270. You also determine the current integrity of the krolvin battle armor to be at 100.0%.

    Examining the armor closely, it looks like it is phenomenally padded against critical blows.

    [A suit of krolvin battle armor has a combat effectiveness rating of 34 points of Critical padding and a 45.0% chance to have a combat effectiveness rating of 35. It has 45 of 100 services towards the next full rank of combat effectiveness.]

    Current bid is 4k rjex Twice

    buyouts encouraged!
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    4k to rjex once....

    added buyout 6k or trades

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    This is only 34 CER? Disgusting

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    nub gear, real gemstoners run 50 CER

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    No sancts?! No thanks. To the well with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WRoss View Post
    You never answered if this came with Sardines or not
    Yes with peanut butter ..twice to Rjex

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    This is Sold

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