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Thread: Enc. reduction, enhancive hider, 540-AG voucher, 10 Reim orb, locker exp, culture doc

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    400k on 9.

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    300k on 8

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    500K #8
    ~Kontii Slie'phox

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    500k on 9
    Discord - johnnyvalor

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    600k on 8
    600k on 9

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    5. 500k

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    1m on 9.
    Discord - johnnyvalor

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    2m on 9

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    Everything marked SOLD. Winners: Rolfard, Sthrockmorton, Lavastene, Vishnell, Sherlock, pinkie pie, and Macillus. If you won and you're around, send a thought to Serazaen in game, or just stop by my Wayside Inn table for pickup. I do not have access to FWI. If meeting me in Landing presents an issue for you for any reason, let me know, and I can meet you in any town (except KF and FWI) on the Chronomage travel schedule that leaves every 20 minutes.

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