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Thread: Enc. reduction, enhancive hider, 540-AG voucher, 10 Reim orb, locker exp, culture doc

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    2m on 1
    500k on 2
    500k on 3

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    All items now going ONCE. As bidding is going well and I don't need to squeeze every last drop of silver out of every item, I'll progress bids to TWICE and SOLD every 4-6/8 hours, so get bids in fast if you want something. Thank you all for the solid bids.

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    100k on #5

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    200k on 9.

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    All items now going TWICE! Will likely call things sold later today, so if you want something, get your bid in, or message me about a buyout.

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    600k #2
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    300k on #5

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    3m on 6

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    50k on 7
    200k on 8
    300k on 9
    40k on 10

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    4m on 6
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