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Thread: Enc. reduction, enhancive hider, 540-AG voucher, 10 Reim orb, locker exp, culture doc

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    Default Enc. reduction, enhancive hider, 540-AG voucher, 10 Reim orb, locker exp, culture doc

    Buyout offers will be considered, but as I set the mb's low, make it a really good offer if you really want me to consider it.

    1. 3 silvery blue potions + 151 use blue feather-shaped charm - cb: 2 mil Rolfard SOLD
    This potion grants an encumbrance reduction of 100 points for 30 days.
    This charm, when rubbed, will reduce your net encumbrance by -100 points for 1800 seconds. It has 151 charges remaining.

    2. A golden griffin pin - cb: 600k Sthrockmorton SOLD/DELIVERED
    This golden griffin pin will hide any non-container, non-combat gear, non-scripted enhancives when RUBbed. RUBbing it again will reveal the hidden enhancive items. You can PULL any individual hidden enhancive to reveal it. WAVEing an enhancive item at the pin will either indicate if it is enhancive if it is held or hide the enhancive if it is worn. You can LOOK or PEER at the pin to see which items are hidden, or check your INVENTORY. TOUCHing the pin will hone in on any empty enhancives you are wearing that are not hidden.

    3. 10 use Reim orb - cb: 500k Rolfard SOLD
    *The pendants were actually character attuned, unbeknownst to me. Item updated to reflect the 10 use Reim orb by itself. Current bid stands. Shout out to Cobus in game for letting me know about the attunement.

    4. 3 slender golden bar pins - cb: 25k Lavastene SOLD/DELIVERED
    Magic crystal holders (blue/white/black/other magic crystals from festivals). Pin worn. Can be TUCKed to hide and not be visible. One pin currently holds a 20 charge Floating Disk crystal.

    5. A fluffy ship rat - cb: 500k Vishnell SOLD
    DR sewer rat. Not sure of the going rate or if these are even still sought after. But it's here if you want it.

    6. An Adventurer's Guild voucher pack (540 expedited task reassignments) + 11 Adventurer's Guild task waivers - cb: 4 mil Sherlock SOLD/DELIVERED

    7. 2 brass and gold capsules with a glass dome - cb: 50k pinkie pie SOLD/DELIVERED
    1 capsule is empty. 1 capsule has these orbs: RR-4, ZL-7, Cys-5, KD-1

    8. A vivid blue note + a light pink note - cb: 600k pinkie pie SOLD/DELIVERED
    vivid blue note - 25lb deepening note, back/cloak max - 200, shoulder slung max - 100, torso/belt/front max - 60
    light pink note - 10lb deepening note, back/cloak max - 160, shoulder slung max - 70, torso/belt/front max - 50

    9. a small locker expansion contract - cb: 2 mil sale cancelled
    This ended up being account attuned, with zero mention of that in the analyze.

    10. a cultural registration document - cb: 40k pinkie pie SOLD/DELIVERED
    This document grants a culture reset via the TITLE command.
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    1m on 6

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    1m on 1
    mb on 9

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    MB on 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10.

    1.5m on 1.
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    50k 9
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    1.75m on 1
    100k on 9

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    1.5m on 6
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    100k 3

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    100k on #8

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    2.5m on 6
    Elementary my dear Watson!

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