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    Default Uploaded ;service-cost

    I uploaded my latest and greatest script to the repo: ;service-cost

    Well about 80% of the code was written by ChatGPT.

    Let me know if there are any problems or suggestions. If there is enough interest in this script I will finish up the other services and add some other things. Well, ChatGPT will be doing most of the heavy lifting.

    Info from the script information:

    As of now this script only works for Enchant (925)
    This script is for calculating all the things for all of the services.
    Simply start up the script and enter all of the information.
    Enter your item's difficulty level, what the next service you want on it is, the skill of the person who is going to do the cast, and enter what the person is charging, and the script will calculate how much resources are required for your base cast, whether the person will need to use suffuse, how much suffuse is required, total resources required, total cost, and more!
    So take all of the guesswork out of how much your next project is going to cost and let this script do all the work for you.
    Images of how it works and stuff!1!!!

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    That seems pretty neat. I'll check it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WRoss View Post
    That seems pretty neat. I'll check it out.
    Darn right!

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    ChatGP...I mean I! I have been working hard on updating this script!

    Uploaded a new version.

    Here are the deets:

    Version 2: Fixed total skill required for enchant formula. It was off by just a little before, but now it's 100% accurate. Maybe.
    Version 2: Added Resist Nature support!
    Version 2: Added lots of other features!

    Let me know if you notice any bugs or have any feature requests.

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    Uploaded yet another version! SAY WHAT?

    Version 3: Added darkmode option to the windows.
    Version 3: Added Ensorcell, Sanctify, and Warrior Grit Service. That's all of the current services! Well except Monks, but you don't need a script for that one.

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    this was the update i was waiting for!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silvanostar View Post
    this was the update i was waiting for!
    Darn right!

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    Another update?! How many more features can be packed into this script?! Well probably none after this update.

    Version 4: Added a window on grit service where you can enter how many services your item has and the script will calculate how much difficulty would be added to your item if you were to get that grit service.
    Version 4: Added a "Save" button on the final window which will allow you to save the current information about your project, including updated difficulty, which services you have added to the projet with this script, how much each service cost in silvers and resources, and total cost in silvers and resources. After clicking "Save" the script starts over from the first window where you can continue to add services and save information.
    Version 4: Added option to save all current information to a file on your computer.
    Version 4: Removed "darkmode" option and replaced it with a "Setup" button on the first window which will allow you to customize the color and size of text and the color of the windows.
    Version 4: Various other quality of life features, such as a back button, an exit button, and more!

    Also I may or may not have broke some things when I was adding all this stuff and I may or may not have tested it thoroughly to catch any bugs. So let me know if you may or may not find any bugs.

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