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Thread: Siegery Case (repairs pieces) w/26 items including many Miniatures some RARE

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    Default Siegery Case (repairs pieces) w/26 items including many Miniatures some RARE

    Siegery Case - eahnor and pearwood case

    Auction will be updated every 24 hours. ONCE, TWICE, SOLD format

    >ana my case
    You analyze your pearwood case and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "There do not seem to be any specific limitations."

    The creator has also provided the following information:
    This case is designed to hold Siegery pieces. Closing the case will repair any damage to Siegery pieces contained within. The repair process takes twenty seconds, during which time the case is locked. At the end of the repair time, the case will unlock itself.

    It is fully alterable, but please note the script provides a description which must make sense for any alteration.

    Try as you might, you cannot get a good sense of whether or not the case's pockets could get any deeper, but you might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the pearwood case for you.

    >look in my case
    In the pearwood case:
    Special [26]: a strong-looking war hero miniature standing beside a sleeping lion, a miniature Darkstone castle, a metallic toy castle, a sturdy oak log launcher (2), a carved wooden trebuchet (2), a lithe Ki'Tyesteron archer miniature (2), a grim-faced Eranishal scout miniature (2), a watchful Ne'Yuscarl guardian miniature (2), an ivy-covered tree fort, a diminutive gnome assassin miniature (2), an ashen-robed elementalist miniature, a blue-haired human pirate miniature, a Madam Zannebah miniature, a mistwood curious mystic miniature, a tall elven sorcerer figure, a dwarven boar rider miniature, a glowing-eyed lich king miniature, a blue-eyed robed summoner miniature, a ferocious troll commander miniature, a burly krolvin warlord miniature

    diminutive gnome assassin miniature (2)
    Raggedly cut, frizzy black hair match the unshaven growth along the gnome's face. Dark, sea green eyes are barely visible beneath a pair of tiny viridian-lensed goggles. The gnome is tooled in a suit of dark grey armor and wears an assortment of gear-laden packs and belts. Small gear insignias mark the front of his steel-toed boots. The name "Jankus" has been carved into the miniature's foot.

    ashen-robed elementalist miniature
    Dark, silky black hair covers the miniature's head and trails down the back of her ashen-hued robes. Embroidered upon the figure's garments are a pattern of archaic elemental runes. The elementalist clutches a small scorched black staff in one hand, while the other hand is surrounded by an icy blue glow.

    blue-haired human pirate miniature
    Silvery-blue hair hangs down in long elaborate braids from the pirate's head, matching his thick and plaited bluish moustache and beard. The miniature's skin is weathered and bronze and a wide-brimmed feathered blue hat casts a shadow over his narrow steel grey eyes. His garb is comprised of simple blue and silver clothing, with the exception of a faded imperial baldric strapped across his shoulder. The name "Thanden" has been carved into the miniature's foot.

    Madam Zannebah miniature
    The miniature sorceress is clothed with multiple layers of rich purple fabric styled into voluminous robes. Most of her facial features are shadowed by the hood of her garment. The figure holds a tiny gem-capped stave in her hand and wears a finely detailed talisman around her neck.

    mistwood curious mystic miniature
    Meticulously crafted from a single piece of mistwood, the miniature's wide-brimmed hat and voluminous robe donned by the tiny mage are painted with a pale oceanic blue glaze. Clutched in one tiny hand is a twisted staff, the cap of which is crowned with a miniscule shard of fiery red crystal.

    dwarven boar rider miniature
    Mounted on a tawny bristle-haired boar, a stout dwarf in gleaming plate mail hoists a massive war hammer overhead. Curved eonake-shod tusks jut from either side of the beast's snout, a fearsome counterpart to the heavy eonake plate covering the boar's head and neck. Scratched into the bottom of one hoof are the words, "Rumor Woods."

    glowing-eyed lich king miniature
    Tall and lanky, the lich king miniature has pale rotting skin and a pair of dark red eyes that glow like tiny motes of fire. Sparse patches of carnelian-hued hair hang loosely from the lich's scalp and maggots crawl along his sunken nose and misshapen jaw. He wears a tattered black cloak and a crown formed of finger bones. In a skeletal hand, he clutches a sinew-wrapped bone scepter. The name "Barnom Slim" has been carved into the miniature's foot.

    blue-eyed robed summoner miniature

    The summoner's tall frame is draped in a smooth, dark crimson robe. The hood of his garment is pulled back, revealing his clean shaven face, short black hair and deep sea blue eyes. One hand is outstretched, as sparks of red lightning dance along his fingertips. The name "Grishom Stone" has been carved into the miniature's foot.

    ferocious troll commander miniature
    Two wide yellow eyes stare out from a large gnarled face while light green veins weave along the skin of the grotesque miniature. A thick trail of jet black hair hangs down from the troll's scalp and his body is misshapen, with tiny plates of metal dispersed amongst the lumpy grey-green skin. The miniature wields two vicious waraxes and the name, "Commander Drangell" has been carved into his foot.

    burly krolvin warlord miniature
    Burly and tall, the krolvin miniature glares menacingly with red and yellow eyes, a stark contrast to its grayish-blue skin. Coarse, white hair covers the miniature's head and spreads down its shoulders and back like an arctic mane. With long fingered hands, the krolvin warlord clutches a small green crystal orb, its glowing light casting an emerald sheen across his face. The name "Czag'Herndrok Krentuk" has been carved into the miniature's foot.

    MB: 6m
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    Sold on BO from Lnet

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