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Thread: T6 Ambie Fishie/Fithie

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    Default T6 Ambie Fishie/Fithie

    T6 fully unlocked "Fishie" named George from Ambie at EG.

    Eats everything you feed it, zesty and has ambients. These ambients do interact with a Dhu Kitten & Werepuppies.

    Auction will be updated every 24 hours. ONCE, TWICE, SOLD format

    >ana sac
    You analyze your translucent sack and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

    You get the feeling that your sack contains a very special "Fishie"!

    This is a relatively small piranha.
    This fish is muddy brown in color.
    This fish has milky white eyes.
    This fish's sack is being held closed by a length of wire.

    Certain merchants may alter the items listed above in bold text, but no other alterations are possible.

    Your fishie is Tier 6 of 6. It has ambient scripts which can be toggled with RUB and PROD!
    It will also react to STARE, RAISE (when worn), POKE, POINT, NUDGE, TURN, and SHAKE. Your fishie has a name, and you can feed it anything at all (that's not too valuable)! Be aware that you will LOSE any item you feed it forever.

    >stare sack
    Something in your translucent sack catches your eye. George is staring at you, his milky white eyes boring into you. After a moment, you glance away, a small shiver running down your spine.

    >raise sack
    You heft your translucent sack in one hand without removing it from your belt. George darts down towards the bottom of the sack, jaws open as he closes in on a finger! At the last moment he veers away, giving you a reproachful look as you settle the sack back in its original position.

    >poke sack
    You poke an extended finger against the side of your translucent sack, pushing it inward towards George, who recoils momentarily before gathering himself and charging towards it! In the split second before his oversized teeth can close around it, you jerk your finger free. George bounces harmlessly off the side of the sack, but he's clearly none too pleased about it.

    >point sack at eme
    George glares up at you in annoyance, clearly uninterested in a lion-etched deep green emerald.

    >nudge sack
    You casually nudge your translucent sack. George stoically ignores you, his tail twitching in annoyance as the water shifts around him.

    >turn sack
    You glance at your translucent sack for a moment, then reach down and give a length of wire holding it closed an extra turn, just to be safe. George watches you closely, tracking your every movement until you withdraw your hand, at which point he goes back to patrolling his territory.

    >shake sac
    You grab hold of the wire holding your translucent sack closed and give the sack a hard shake! George goes tumbling around the inside of the sack, flailing wildly before slowly recovering his equilibrium. His gills flare wide for several moments, then he turns with deliberate menace to face you, staring directly into your eyes. His jaw shifts, exposing far more teeth than he should possibly possess, and flicks his tail once. When he feels you've gotten the message, he turns away once more and glides to the far side of the sack, ignoring you completely.

    >put meat in sack
    You carefully undo a length of wire at the top of your translucent sack and lower your raw bloody meat into the water. Inside, George eyes the meat appraisingly for a long moment before darting up and devouring it in a frenzy of churning water and flashing teeth! Before the carnage finishes, you quickly replace a length of wire, sealing your translucent sack shut once more.

    MB: 35m

    Discord: Rovvigen/Shisshio#4034

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