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Thread: Fully unlocked Survivalist's Kits

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    Cool Fully unlocked Survivalist's Kits


    If you missed the #1 best utility item at DR last month, I have a few extra survivalist's kits for sale. Belt-worn. All are fully unlocked and epic deep.
    25.7m. Up for sale in Da Badger's Den. Will accept cash at 3.6 per.
    Located at [Icemule, Fear Alley - 2317] (u735005), a broken-down black building with a battered badger-shaped sign hanging over the entry.

    You inspect the leather herb kit and the creator has provided the following information:
    The leather herb kit is a Survivalist's Kit, which is a specialized container for storing healing herbs. All herbs stack up to 50 by default and maintain the weight of a single dose. Doses may be removed one at a time from within the kit. Herbs may be discarded from the kit entirely by PULLing on them. The kit otherwise functions as a normal container that may be altered, lightened, and deepened per standard guidelines.

    This kit has the Liquid Storage unlock, which allows it to store liquid herbs in addition to their solid counterparts. Liquid herb storage is affected by any Capacity unlocks.

    This kit has the Liquid Extractor unlock, which allows it to convert solid herbs into liquid over time (1 per 20 minutes). The solid herb target must first be set by POINTing the kit at the appropriate dose of the herb inside of it, which should automatically begin the process. You may then NUDGE the kit to stop (or restart) the extractor. The extractor is currently targeting nothing.

    This kit has the Potency unlock, which allows any liquid herbs that originate from the kit to be administered at a faster rate based on the consumer's Survival training. This effect fades 30 seconds after the herb has been removed from the kit.

    The kit will also respond to the following verbs: PEER (when not empty), CLEAN, GAZE, PINCH, RUB, TOUCH

    Current herb stock:

    Capacity: 5/5 (150 charges maximum per herb)
    Liquid Storage unlock: yes
    Extractor unlock (requires Liquid Storage): yes
    Potency unlock (requires Liquid Storage): yes

    The leather herb kit is set up with mechanical-themed messaging, which cannot typically be altered.

    The following descriptions may be customized by a merchant:
    - Inner lining description, in "adjective noun" form: waxed linen
    This should be some form of fabric/leather.
    - Container close mechanism, in "adjective noun" form: copper latch
    This must end in one of the following: buckle, drawstrings, clasp, latch, toggle.
    - Extractor indicator description, in "article adjective" form: an acantha-etched
    - Extractor toggle description, in "article adjective" form: a brushed copper

    You can tell that the kit is as light as it can get and that its pockets could not possibly get any deeper.
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    Two left. They're for sale for 25,777,777 in the shop, but if you wanna DM me on Discord ("Macillus" on the GS4 server) will pop in and give to ya for 25 flat.

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