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    So I just fix skilled my cleric to complete a S6 on a project piece but now I know nothing about how to build him back. I've literally been using him to complete this project and even had 452 unused tp's at one point. He'll be warding and is a member of Voln so any suggestions or help would be apprecaited.

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    the obvious 1x stuff, as,pf,miu,smc,perception,
    .5x swimming and climb.
    if you can 1.5x hp
    the only real thing you'd need to concentrate on for yourself would be your spell split
    +21 over 63 in cleric
    130 if you don't want to use symbol of return
    and at least 225 if you wanna fog out to folks.

    obviously you don't need the blessing lores
    have 18 in summoning. Keep blessing as much as you want for if you plan to make chrisms and such, but i prefer religion while leveling.

    Spell aiming can be a thought after all that as it's helpful with 320, and 309 ...and to an extent bolts.. but probably not something for the time being.

    you don't need armor training for double leather as far as spell hinderence, but if you wanted to throw four ranks into that that'd be a thing

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