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Thread: 15x ethereal strung rot flaring war hammer

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    Default 15x ethereal strung rot flaring war hammer

    a blackened kelyn skull-crusher forged into a heavy-horned rhinoceros head
    +75 AS

    Attached to the end of the kelyn skull-crusher is an ethereal string, wavering in and out of existence with flickering dots of light. It extends from the grip of the skull-crusher to your wrist, wrapping around the flesh. The skull-crusher glows faintly with a pale blue light.

    In the Common language, it reads:

    It imparts a bonus of +75 more than usual.
    It appears to weigh about 4 pounds.
    It is estimated to be worth about 49,300,000 silvers.
    It is predominantly crafted of kelyn.
    It is a daunting project (992 difficulty) for an adventurer to modify.
    It has some unknown (scripted) benefit.
    1.6M bs or $3,750
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    In the Common language, it reads:
    Good Lord
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    This is a 7x base then?
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    Nope, 15x base.

    You can enchant past 10x via HESS (not offered every run and so far only once). A major enchant cert is 275K bs per enchant and another 500K surcharge to do them all in 1 run without the limits. The ethereal script can raise your AS further depending on your stamina/mana points.

    So that's 1.85M bs for major enchants (limited offerings/HESS), 400k for rot flares (HESS), and rare ethereal string (not off the shelf but last Mania was 1.2M). To make this is roughly 3.4M). But the value is surely comes in the alter and name!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roblar View Post
    But the value is surely comes in the alter and name!

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    Reduced and cash option added

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    Tree-fiddy for it.

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    Why does this feel like selling a Lamborghini to drive to the grocery?

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