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Thread: Wizards Hunting In Ascension Areas

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    Alright. I'm looking into heading out to the wild yonder and want to get the take you other Wizards have on hunting out there. I see plenty of data and tips for other professions, but ours seems to be lacking input.

    After reading on what is available out there it seems we could run into some trouble defensively. For those with decent ascension points and users of enhancives, are you finding you need to sacrifice DEX and Spell Aiming for AGI and Dodging ranks? Are there any critters we should just outright avoid and others we should focus on? What about PF and Survival training conversion to how long you can stay away from a fire, or how much time after getting wet do you have to go dry off?

    I haven't attmepted anything there, but I think this could be a good opportunity for us to pool our data together.

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    I'm interested to see others input on this as well. The feedback I've gotten so far is that, to effectively hunt these areas as a wizard, or almost any pure, is to be far enough past cap that you aren't having to sacrifice much of anything in the way of your current training, but that you've gained enough training points post cap to have added things like dodge and combat maneuvers. In your example above, if you're a bolting wizard, you're simply giving up AS from dex/spell aiming to get more DS from dodge/AGI. I think you'll likely need to keep your AS maxed out in addition to being able to augment your DS from dodge, maneuver defense from CM/AGI, etc.

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    Yeah, I was just looking at the AS of some of those critters and their abilities. Looks super easy to end up laying on the floor and MSTRIKEd on, etc. I'm maxed on Dodging/CM, but some of those critters look like they could easily chop my defenses down quickly. If only Stop Time had a 5 minute CD hahaha.

    Also curious if the critters themselves get wet often. 910 has some good DF and if they come pre-soaked sometimes that could be neat. Maybe 910,906,908. Maybe just grab aura and 502, then 903/904 to death? Knock down and bolt to death?

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