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    Hi all, this lot is for sale at 100k MB. Properties listed in blue where known.
    Comes with complementary trepanation voucher. Some restrictions apply. Offer not valid in Zul Logoth or Kharam Dzu.

    CB: 2m to Fulmen Sold

    an ashen orase runestaff (+30, +10 spell aim)
    a well-balanced vultite katar edged with ora teeth (+20, fire flares)
    a bleached white fireleaf runestaff (+22, 4x acuity flares)
    a dark vultite katar etched with geometric designs (+20, impact flares)
    a well-balanced glaes hatchet
    a veil iron executioner's sword
    an illthorn runestaff
    a spiral illthorn runestaff capped with a cracked purple geode (unknown acuity flares)
    a drake dagger
    some tall ebony side-strapped boots
    a gilded charcoal backpack
    a voluminous dismal-grey cloak (wretched alter by 13-year-old me, 3 lbs)
    an old deep black vest
    a weathered grey traveler's satchel with a tarnished silver soulstone clasp
    some ora-laced black leather boots
    a blackened leather wand harness
    a small berobed drakar flame wizard with faceted firestone eyes (gem cutter)
    an ivory-inlaid pewter canister (produces a fractured silver-threaded prism)
    an ivory-inlaid pewter canister (produces an etched pyrite runestone)
    a small shadowy black velvet pouch
    a warped driftwood back scabbard (scripted, 6 worn locations)
    an old ruby red pouch (contains 10 scrolls, inc. 2 heroism)
    a pear-cut firestone talisman (+4 spell aim, +1 fire lore, persist)
    a grainy hazy black sphere
    a crystal windflower pin backed in silver (20 charges heroism)
    a miniature clock tower (egg timer with room-wide alarm, works when stowed)
    a bundle of blue griffin feathers
    a bundle of blue griffin feathers
    a bundle of blue griffin feathers
    a glittering gold alloy torc (+3 spell aim, +3 symbols, persist)
    a pearlescent dove feather quill
    an onyx-dipped falcon feather quill
    a metallic onyx raven feather quill
    a crude roa'ter-toothed necklace
    a sleek ebony shirt
    an auroral white silk shirt
    a blue feather-shaped charm
    an invar hexagram earring (scripted)
    a brilliant flame-hued rose
    a flexing arm token
    an invar-edged thick modwir ruler (scripted)
    a twisting blue-green potion
    a twisting blue-green potion
    a twisting blue-green potion
    a potent blue-green potion
    a moonstone tortoise statue
    some curly red lint
    some golden lute-marked papers (boxfound unique)
    a carved ivory pick
    a polished faewood brush
    an Adventurer's Guild task waiver
    a Chronomage rush ticket
    a gilt-edged box (produces a gilt-edged pristine scroll / a sheaf of pristine parchment)
    a golden star-inked box (produces a golden star-inked scroll / a sheaf of star-inked parchment)
    a rune-imprinted box (produces a rune-imprinted scroll / a sheaf of rune-imprinted parchment)
    a suede instrument strap
    a wooden matchbox
    a sheet of crisp runed paper (elven language spell prep)
    some fine crystalline chalk
    some waxy translucent chalk
    a small shadowy black crystal sphere
    an onyx-inlaid copper sceptre
    a curled aged parchment bookmark
    a skull-branded black leather bookmark
    a brushed gold plate
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    I need this like i need a hole in the head.

    that being said, I'll start this off at 1m for the lot.
    A gremlock whispers, "You died so easily. You need to get used to it.".

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    You're in luck: included for free in this deal is a complementary trepanation voucher!

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    Last call. To be marked sold tomorrow if no further bids.

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    2m on it.
    ~Fulmen Soulforge

    "An' I hear that ringing blow thaet calls me tae me feet, I'll follow it ain ta th' ends o' th' earth, for I be the Hammer o' Eonak."

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    Twice to Fulmen at 2m, closing sometime tomorrow barring any further interest.

    edit: Sold
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