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    I've never tried fishing at EG before, does anyone know if there's a how 2 guide or will this standard fishing guide from the wiki cover it?

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    I wish I could pretend I have an actual fishing strategy beyond "let's try this and see if it works," but I've been having success with it.

    Just start out trying surface fishing (I've been using the mandrake one from the EG shop) and if that doesn't work, add a weight. There are two different ones; from the EG shop, the blown glass one will take you to mid-depth and the glaes one will take it to the very bottom. Outside of EG, mid is "a tiny silver weight" and bottom is "a small silver weight."

    Also, make sure to buy the wire from the EG shop; it's maximum strength and will last a while before snapping. Good luck!
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    So far I have caught 4 levels of fish in EG, but I've only just started recording what I caught tonight. Depth is (S)urface, (D)epths, (B)ottom

    Common - Butterfly Fish (S), Ratfish (S), Lionfish (B)
    Uncommon - Frogfish (D), Cowfish (B)
    Rare - Roosterfish (S), Dogfish (D), Hogfish (B)
    Very Rare - Ichor-covered tendrils (S), Batfish (S)

    Don't forget to LOOK at your bait/lure to see what depth of water it is most effective at! (surface, depths, bottom) Using the wrong bait at the wrong depth will leave you bored. I've noticed WAY more bites in the morning versus at night.

    You can also type FISHING to see your records of the rarity of fish that you have caught. Compare your numbers before and after a catch to figure out what rarity that catch is.

    I'll try to remember to update this as I continue fishing.

    Hope that helps!
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