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Thread: items I found in a bag

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    Default items I found in a bag

    50k mb

    1. Glittering imflass bracer - +7LOG base(19) +4CON base(10) quite a few crumbly 100k Gershon SOLD and delivered
    2. Sparkling amethyst bracer - +4STR Base(14) A lot crumbly
    3. Tooled gold bracelet - +1 THW ranks(4) +2DEX bonus(11) +3First aid ranks(14) fair crumbly
    4. Filigreed sterling silver bracelet - +5Spirit mana control bonus(15) a lot crumbly 50k Gershon SOLD and delivered
    5. Glyph-etched sterling bracer - +4Pickpocketing bonus(7) +6Stalking & Hiding bonus(14) several Crumbly
    6. Onyx-inlaid silver stickpin - +4Edged weapon bonus(10), +3 picking lock bonus(4) quite a few crumbly
    7. Pink topaz inset platinum stickpin - +7CM bonus(28) +6Edged weapon bonus(21) +3 max mana(6) several crumbly 18m SLark SOLD and DELIVERED
    8. Gem-encrusted pewter pin - +3INF bonus(14) +6Blunt bonus(21) a few crumbly 100k Gershon SOLD and delivered
    9. Pearl inset platinum pin - +6 Thrown Bonus(21) +7 picking lock bonus(19) quite a few crumbly 50k Mr. Dallas SOLD and delivered
    10. Copper and pink sapphire torc - +6LOG base(14) +1 mana recovery(4) a lot crumbly 200k Tsalin SOLD and Delivered
    11. Delicate pewter torc - +5INF base(10) +3DEX base(6) quite a few persists
    12. Silver and amethyst torc - +4THW bonus(10) +4 Max Health(7) several persists 400k Woodchuck SOLD
    13. Beryl-inset platinum ring - +5CM bonus(15) +8SWIM bonus(12) quite a few crumbly
    14. Round-cut amber pendant - +3HP ranks(20) +4 stalking and hiding(24) +4PER ranks(24) several crumbly
    15. Burnished gold pendant - +4CM bonus(10) +4 armor use(17) a few(17)
    16. Enruned mithril medallion - +4Edged bonus(10) a lot persists 50k Galatic SOLD
    17. Coral studed silver medallion - +3DIS base(6) +4STR base(14) one charge persists 50k Gershon SOLD and delivered
    18. Ivory and amethyst necklace - +3 polearm bonus(6) huge crumbly
    19. Topaz-inset gold necklace - +1 First aid ranks(3) +6LOG base(14) quite a few crumbly
    20. Brilliant pink sapphire necklace - +3AGI bonus(22) +5TWC bonus(15) fair amount Crumbly 1m 2low4zero SOLD
    21. Enruned smoky topaz band - +3STR base(8) average dwarf crumbly
    22. Flame-cut pink topaz band - +6 physical fitness bonus(14) +5Polearm bonus(15) several crumbly 250k BLZrizz SOLD delivered
    23. Bone-inlaid mithril band - +3 Survival ranks(14) +5AGI base(15) +1Trading(3) quite a few crumbly 50k viekn SOLD
    24. Sapphire inset pewter circlet - imbedded with 9 mana focus spell additonal 110 tap. +4Arcane symbol bonus(14) +3DEX base(6) a lot crumbly
    25. Trilliant-cut star ruby circlet - +6 Pickpocketing bonus(14) +5Ambush bonus(15) quite a few crumbly
    26. Glittering ora circlet - +2Polearm ranks(10) +5AGI base(15) fair crumbly
    27. Filigreed gold circlet - +1 armor use bonus(2) +3DEX base(6) +3DODGE bonus(6) lot persists
    28. Bone-inlaid pink sapphire circlet - +6INF base(14) +1spiritual lore summoning ranks(6) a lot crumbly
    29. Malachite and dragonfire opal armband - +6THW bonus(21) +2CON bonus(11) quite a few crumbly 1m Entropy SOLD and Delivered
    30. Enruned fire opal armband - +3AURA base(12) +5Disarming traps bonus(10) a lot crumbly
    31. Agate-inset gold armband - +2Spiritual lore-blessing bonus(5) +4THW bonus(10) +2MAX health(2) a lot crumbly
    32. Moonstone inset copper talisman - +3AGI base(6) +4 stalking and hiding bonus(7) a few crumbly
    33. White opal inset clasp - +2 first aid ranks(7) +4WIS base(17) fair crumbly 200k Gershon SOLD
    34. Elegant pewter clasp - +5DEX base(15) +2RANGED ranks(10) +3 spirit mana control ranks(20) several crumbly 50k Viekn SOLD
    35. Turquoiuse-set ora brooch - +5AGI base(15) +1Elemental lore -water ranks(6) fair crumbly 50k Viekn SOLD
    36. Beryl-inset copper brooch - +2MOC bonus(6) +5TWC bonus(15) several crumbly 1m 2low4zero SOLD
    37. Gold and red dreamstone sack - 15 charges of martial prowess +6INF(14) lot of charges crumbly
    38. Pearl and garnet tiara - +6Shield use bonus(21) +3DIS bonus(22) +5 pickpocketing bonus(10)
    39. Bronze and white sunstone tiara - +3AUR base(12) more then dwarf crumbly
    40. Delicate amber tiara - 4 charges of spell shiels up to 83 additional +2 Spell aiming ranks(10) +6DIS base(21) +5Climb ranks(15) Quite a few crumbly
    41. Amethyst inset pewter tiara - 10Charges of consecrate additoinal 461 +6INF base(14) +2THW ranks(10) quite a few crumbly
    42. Faceted bloodjewel headband - +4Shield use bonus(10) +5CM bonus(15) more then dwarf crumbly
    43. Gold filigree beryl headband - +7PF bonus(19) +5Spiritual lore religion bonus(25) +3Armor use bonus(10) fair crumbly
    44. Gleaming green garnet earring - +4 Spirtual lore blessings bonus(17) +2AUR base(6) quite a few crumbly 50k Zhagen SOLD
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    7 = 5m
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    Updated with some things going once.

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