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Thread: GS4FF

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    disregard you got an 8th
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    And there is our 8th signup...

    league closed, not enough time to wait for more signups.

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    Orthin, if I can get 1 more signup in the next hour I will do 10 man league

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    It would be great to have Orthin in the league with us, so would love it if someone else joined.

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    League join link sent out to everyone, check your PC messages and join asap.

    Still need 1 more to join the league if any football lovers out there want in.
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    I'll make it 10.
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    Ok great, welcome all to GS4 FF 2002

    please click the join link I sent you right away, time is of the essence.

    edit your team name, pick your icon, get your pre-draft rankings set up.

    As soon as the last person joins the league I will turn the draft status to ready

    10 people, 20m ea. = 200m

    1st place - 100m
    2nd place - 50m
    3rd place - 30m
    4th place - 20m (break even)

    top 4 teams make the playoffs.

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