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Thread: DR August 2022 - New stuff, best x/days etc.

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    Post DR August 2022 - New stuff, best x/days etc.

    Was wondering what new scripts/items are you most hyped about in this current DR run?

    What x/days are you buying?

    ..:: My Wares ::..

    Un-navable Gold Ring
    AUR Enhancives, Spell Aim Enhancives
    Spear/Jav Bando or Returner (prefer War-Hammer, but open)
    C==||====> Custom Forging Services - Get your perfect 2hander or Polearm now! <====||==D

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    still waiting for the new x-days
    I accepted free spells during an "automated third party promotion" from "the responsible party," but I only did it once, and I didn't hunt until after they wore off

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    15x ftw. Seriously though, always adding resistance to armor and WPS at DR. bought a tent too and a few wyromania things.

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