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    Not sure what's going on here, but I am recently returning and it seems my lnet isn't working at all. It doesn't read in a file and when I go to download it, it shows two lnet.lic but can't seem to get either one to download. I tried lnet2 and it doesn't seem to do much of anything. Have I missed something or is there a new update I am missing somewhere?

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    If two files have the same name you can specify which game.

    ;repo download lnet.lic --game=any

    That's the original one Tillmen uploaded, it hasn't been updated in 6 years but to my knowledge it still works just fine. It's the one I use.

    The other one is created by elanthia-online, they sort of took over updating Lich and the various scripts and to be honest I have no idea what their version of lnet changes.

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    Did you just recently do a fresh install of Lich 5? Lnet is no longer included directly in the install of Lich.

    The most recent version of lnet is the one from ;repo download lnet --author=elanthia-online
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