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Thread: Uploaded new script ;blinding-lights

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    Default Uploaded new script ;blinding-lights

    Tired of seeing the same game lines over and over and OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OOVVVEEERRRR again?! Well this is the script for you! Simply start the script and specify how many times you want to see the same game line, and once you've seen the same game line that many times then you'll NEVER see those game lines again! Well until you stop the script, then you'll start to see all game lines again.

    Example of how to start the script:

    ;blinding-lights 3
    ;blind 3

    Would make it so once you've seen the same game line 3 times then you'll stop seeing that same game line until you stop the script. Stopping the script resets all line counts to 0.

    After all, how many times do you need to see the same person selling the same gem to the gemshop? Or the same person casting the same spell? Not too often, that's for sure!

    So download ;blinding-lights today and stop being blinded by the lights!

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    We're already up to version 3!!

    Version 2: Added SEND to the list of game lines to always show.
    Version 3: There is now an option to ignore all numbers in lines. For example if this setting is set to on then "Dreaven holds up 2 fingers" will be the same as "Dreaven holds up 3 fingers." This is useful if you want to ignore game lines where it's just stating how much damage an attack did or the AS/DS/etc in a calculation, because these lines are the same except for the numbers.
    Version 3: There is now an option to add game lines to a list of lines to ALWAYS show, no matter how many times the line has been seen. Easiest way to do this is to highlight the line and copy it.
    Version 3: Check the help menu (just ;blind or ;blind help while script is running) for instructions on how to use these new features.

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    Uploaded a new version.

    The old version probably broke a lot of things such as the ROOM window being updated and spells being updated and all of that fun stuff.

    It should all be working now

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    Uploaded a new version:

    Version 5: Fixed bug introduced with version 4 which stopped squelching lines. Lines should be squelched again properly now!
    Version 5: Added new option to always show lines with the word "you" and "your" in them. Check the help menu for how to use this new feature.
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