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Thread: People whining about pickpockets in DR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taernath View Post
    Imagine actually participating in DR.
    Imagine still playing a 30 year old text based "roleplaying" game.

    ETA: Needed quotes, since there is very little actual roleplaying going on. It's more about rollplaying.
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    Besides, Republicans also block abstinence and contraceptives anyway.
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    Regulating firearms to keep them out of the hands of criminals, the unhinged, etc. meets the first test of the 2nd amendment, 'well-regulated'.

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    You show me a video of me typing that and Ill admit it. (This was the excuse he came up with when he was called out for a really stupid post)
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    3 million more popular votes. I'd say the numbers speak for themselves. Gerrymandering won for Trump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    I didnít know about the deed thing. Interesting.
    Yeah it let me know I ran out of deeds when I first started going after it when Arena was more complicated and my lowbie would die, then one time I was raised without spells and was like WTH and noticed I had burned through like 12 deeds. And yes I was that bad then
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    Quote Originally Posted by HouseofElves View Post
    Some of these people lost a blue crystal in 2013 and never got over it.
    "My play style relies on blue crystals. How dare you! Pickpocketing is IRL thievery!"
    You remove a pair of oval ora-framed spectacles with pale grey lenses from in your ebon linen vest.

    You unfold the earpieces of your spectacles.

    You put on a pair of oval ora-framed spectacles with pale grey lenses.

    You think to yourself, "Deal with it."

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    The worst thing about adding a "no stealing plz!" flag is that no one is going to be one of the last five people you can steal from. All thieves would know who hasn't opted for the flag, therefore everyone will opt for the flag. It's lame, and basically kills pick pocketing completely.
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    Yeah, I figure most that don't flag will either be looking for a fight, or are well trained in pickpocketing.

    Even people that claim they won't flag, will likely flag on all their alts, and it's people being lazy with their alts that even gives you any decent targets at all anymore.

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