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Thread: FBI raid on Trump's home

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seran View Post
    Wow, a whole laundry list of you having no concept of reality. Pretty amazing how you can take a written statement and it for the exact opposite of its meaning. At least you're consistent with your insanity
    I'll let this sentence speak for your lack of any intelligent thought... at least you're consistent with your stupidity.

    Quote Originally Posted by Seran-the Current Retard Champion View Post
    Besides, Republicans also block abstinence and contraceptives anyway.
    Quote Originally Posted by SHAFT View Post
    You show me a video of me typing that and Ill admit it. (This was the excuse he came up with when he was called out for a really stupid post)
    Quote Originally Posted by Tsa`ah View Post
    Well tell that to the Naval hospital that issued a birth certificate labeled Ft Lejeune ... and then typed it in.
    Quote Originally Posted by Back View Post
    3 million more popular votes. I'd say the numbers speak for themselves. Gerrymandering won for Trump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parkbandit View Post
    So, because it's not a true vaccine, you can either change the name to "shot" like they do for the "flu shot" or you can change the definition of the word "vaccine".. and they chose this one because their retarded base (that's you) are too fucking stupid to change.

    You should be happy about that, right? Less conservatives means we can move faster and faster to go down the road to really retarded policies like socialism.

    Remember when you said MRIs replaced x-rays? I do.. it was stupid and really funny.

    Thanks to Trump, right?

    You are alive today, only due to the Trump Vaccine.
    Come on now, you need to give Seran his dues, don't short change him.

    He actually said "No one argued an MRI was devil technology because it surplanted xrays."

    You should stop making him sound smarter than he really is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seran View Post
    Something shouldn't mislabeled because your moronic denialism requires everyone stop calling a true vaccine, a vaccine. Your Conservashit friends continue to die in far higher numbers than the rest of the population from your brand of misinformation.

    Did you all stop getting cancer treatment because new targeted radiological and chemical therapies evolved to be more effective?

    Did you stop using electricity because coal power has been replaced by natural gas, nuclear power and renewables due to science advancing?

    Do you also refuse to get diagnostic tests such as MRIs and CT scans because medical technology has advanced from solely using x-rays?

    I would assume so, because you want everyone to deny getting a covid-19 vaccine because no scientific breakthroughs have produced a safe and effective vaccine.
    Remember when they literally changed the definition of "vaccine" to fit the covid jab, and retards like you are still falling for it because you're the perfect dumbass for big government and big pharma?

    Normal people remember.

    You're a fucking stooge and you're proud of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Back View Post
    I am a retard. I'm disabled. I'm poor. I'm black. I'm gay. I'm transgender. I'm a woman. I'm diagnosed with cancer. I'm a human being.
    Quote Originally Posted by time4fun View Post
    So here's the deal- I am just horrible

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