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Thread: FBI raid on Trump's home

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    Speaking of conflicts of interest. The DOJ has filed a new appeal with 11th Circuit of Appeals to do away with the special master altogether on Friday following Judge Cannon's order meddling with the scope, time-line and participant statements requests. The DOJ has cited not only their prior Court of Appeals win overriding the stay on classified document review, but that citing the findings by the panel of three appeals judges citing Trump's lack of standing and Judge Cannon's countermeasures seeking the delay the special master she appointed, that Cannon's order regarding the special master should be overturned completely.

    As expected, Trump's legal team filed a self contradictory response, Trump's follow up being that only being through delaying any revealing of evidence, delaying investigations or a potential indictment can the American people get transparency. HAHAHA
    "Don't let that guy look at the documents, let only us do it. We'll be totally unbiased too! Seriously guys!"

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