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Thread: Implosion and Multi-opponent Combat

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    Hey, here's a question for you imploders out there.

    I hunt a lot with implosion. According to the wiki, focused implosion can stun up to 6 additional targets. But I find this unreliable, sometimes it doesn't even stun a second target (if there are two critters in the room).

    I am thinking of adding MoC to my training plan. Does anyone find this useful for stunning multiple other targets? I am looking for a reliable AoE here. I am thinking of adding up to 10 ranks of MoC, at the most, but perhaps fewer.


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    (1) The wiki is out of date for spell 720. Most area of effect spells, including 720, have been updated to use Mana Control ranks, instead of MoC, to determine the number of targets. See

    (2) So far as I know, Moc no longer has any effect on 720. MoC still affects splash bolt spells, such as 713 and 111.

    (3) Increasing the number of possible targets, whether through MC or MoC, does not increase the probability that a particular target will be affected. It just allows you a chance to affect more targets.

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