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Thread: Thinking of switching to TWC (edged) from UAC

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    Default Thinking of switching to TWC (edged) from UAC

    So this is me just sort of thinking out loud and wanting to listen and entertain others thoughts on my line of thinking...

    I'm a big fan of UAC, but I now have a ranger I'm working on that I think will work better with UAC than the bard. I think maybe the DS and other defensive spells (wall of thorns) that come with a ranger might end up working out better with open UAC than a Bard with bard spells. I could continue to just use UAC on both, but why not mix it up if I'll be using UAC on the ranger.

    I've always wanted to use TWC (edged), and I think having 1035 Tonis to help reduce RT's, plus a sonic weapon that I can max out air flares on, would be pretty nice. Here are current skills...

     XXX (at level 30), your current skill bonuses and ranks (including all modifiers) are:
      Skill Name                         | Current Current
                                         |   Bonus   Ranks
      Two Weapon Combat..................|       5       1
      Armor Use..........................|     130      35
      Combat Maneuvers...................|     124      32
      Brawling...........................|     164      64
      Multi Opponent Combat..............|      25       5
      Physical Fitness...................|     124      32
      Dodging............................|     124      32
      Harness Power......................|     120      30
      Elemental Lore - Air...............|      30       6
      Mental Lore - Telepathy............|     105      25
      Perception.........................|     124      32
      Climbing...........................|      90      20
      Swimming...........................|      70      15
    Spell Lists
      Bard...............................|              30
    Training Points: 200 Phy 48 Mnt
    I realigned skills without confirming just to see how it might play out. The only issue is TP's being tight. Fitting 2x edged and 2x twc is impossible. I could swing 2x edged and 1x twc, but not sure how viable my offhand AS would be. It's the MTP's that run short. I could keep UAC until I get 1035, switch to 2x OHE/ 1x TWC, then just completely stop spell training while I slowly bring TWC to 2x, then circle back and start incorporating MnE. I could also drop some CM and Dodge to free up points there. I've always known TWC is a training point heavy path, no matter what, so it may just not be viable right now.

    I haven't seen much posted recently about Bards and TWC. Have you found it at all doable in 30's/40's levels? Or is it a struggle until you reach a higher level?
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    I don't see how you can do it and be viable at that level, bards tend to be a little starved for TP's at lower levels anyhow. My rogue was almost 60 before I switched him to TWC and it is way easier for a rogue. Plus without hiding, your DS is not going to be great and you will get hit a lot. If he does not solo hunt then it is doable, but it will hurt some I think. My bard was sword/board until his late 40's when he went poles, personally I think UAC bards a pretty effective, why not try UAC with TWC instead?

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    Do not sleep on how amazing 1002 is for a combat spell, same with 1005. Those are incredibly effective combat spells. Don't get me wrong Rangers have excellent room control spells but I loved opening with 1002 on anything with a weapon or shield.

    UAC bard are fun because of 1012 and a sonic cestus. Those air flares are ridiculous, so even if you had both the ranger and bard at UAC they will feel different when you use them independently with spells and set-ups.

    If you do go TWC, I would say 2x or pass. You will need to ratchet back things like your lores or even HP some to sneak in the training to get it to TWC. With invoker and dreavening (if you live on that end) DS concerns won't be an issue until you get to high level hunting area's that strip and by then TPs will start balancing out some and you will most likely have 400s too. If you go without invoker/dreavening then yes you will feel DS concerns but if you are group hunting with the ranger it shouldn't be a problem.

    1035 is indeed amazing but right at 35 you won't be able to just have the throttle open 24/7. I would not use that as the main deciding factor for whether or not to go TWC personally. The UAC ranger is already going to be hitting fast unless encumbered. With the ranger and your disablers unless you get a swarm you are going to be fine without it being up. Personally I actually hurried to get 425 instead of 1035. The +25 AS/UAF/CS to me was too good to pass up.
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    Yeah, TP wise it's just not viable right now. I'll stick with UAC and just put some more consideration into making that a bit more effective. And that's a good point Orthin about not being able to rock 1035 all the time at the beginning, so it's possible a race for that was misguided. Especially as I'll likely keep with UAC, which already has low RT's anyway.

    Thank you both for the feedback.

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    If you get a +50 mana recovery enhancive set, I think you could rock 1035 right away
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    Quote Originally Posted by gilchristr View Post
    a +50 mana recovery enhancive set
    Add to cart.

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    You can rock 1035 right away with the mana changes and Voln society. Just use symbol mana immediately after the 1st cast of 1035, you'll be able to re-cast it after the 4th cast of 1035. As long as you're not spamming 1005/410 you shouldn't need to worry about mana.

    Also limit the # of spellsongs you're running to 1003, 1007, 1010, 1012 (cestus), 1018, and 1019 - with a good song manager, skip 1006 to conserve mana on rewew.
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    Maerit knows his/her stuff.
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