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Thread: What are these worth?

  1. Default What are these worth?

    Individually, not as a group

    +40 golvern-banded medium shield, t5, spiked, max light, 4lbs. (394 diff)

    +35 ancient cavalry leathers (double leather base), t5, 7 CCER (90 services), puncture resistance fittings, max light, 8lbs. (430 diff)

    +37 onyx-handled vultite ono (handaxe base), t4, s1, 5.1 CCER (51 services), max light, 3lbs. (366 diff)

    +34 ruby-handled vaalorn ono (handaxe base), t2, s4, 5 CCER (50 services), max light, 3lbs.(305 diff)
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