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Thread: some lower end claidhmores and some other stuff

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    some things going once some things twice, some great deals there still get your bids in

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    a squat jar of pallid grey solve (65 uses) 1.5m, Please

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    1.75mil on the salve please

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    I think you missed RAR's bid on #7, so I'm upping my offer to 500k.

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    updated and yes i did miss it

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    700k on #7

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    2m salve, please.

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    Claidhmores going twice, elanthian guild voucers and nexus orbs going last chance(will be sold tomorrow with no further bids) and a few things going once. get your bids in.

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    added a couple fun spell preps you can't live without

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    250k 11

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