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    I'm curious what script flare choices others have made for their clerics. I'm still sub level 20 with my cleric, but working on building him up. I was looking over typical runestaff script flare options, and personally I don't LOVE anything. I'm a bane warding cleric currently, but may decide to throw spell aim in there.

    Flares I've considered and my thoughts are...
    *Note: I realize when I say something is expensive, I realize that's subjective to how people value the money spent. In this case, when I say that, it's expensive for me.

    Sigil Staff - these seem to be the most popular right now, but I'm not looking to invest the 400k/$1,500 to get it to T5. And if I'm not going to do that, I don't see the point in bothering with it at all then.
    Parasitic - I like the clench/raise mechanic of this flare to generate the weapon. But I don't know that I love the actual blood drain flare mechanic, plus the investment needed to get unlocked, although not as great as Sigil Staff cost.
    Globus Elanthia - From what I've read, I do like the possibility of this flare. The investment to get it either already partly/mostly unlocked doesn't seem quite as high, it's already offering a script and regular flare as is. The fluff scripts, while definitely not the reason I'm considering it, are cool.
    Greater Elemental - These also seem like a good option and the price isn't astronomical.
    Fusion - While not flaring, this is definitely something to consider so that a wisdom or spirit regen orb could be added, but then you're missing out on the Cat B attack flare opportunity. But maybe that wouldn't matter so much because of the ability to add S6 Holy Fire flares and Ensorcel?
    Animalistic - While a cool flare, this is something I'd be more likely to consider on my ranger and not my cleric
    Sprite - I do also like this flare and it seems viable. Although a bit expensive to unlock, it's also not astronomical, but not something I'd unlock all at once though, for sure.
    No script flare - or maybe I just say screw it and skip a script flare and stick to Cat B flares. These are easy enough to come by and I've already got a 4x/3x acuity and 4x void flaring in a locker from an older character.
    Anyway, just wanted to get feedback from other clerics on the route they chose, and who also either A) maybe weren't in a position to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a script flare, or B) maybe you did anyway or have the ability to do so and you thought a certain script flare was really just worth it regardless. I didn't really see any posts regarding feedback on script flare choices people made, so I thought I'd throw this out there and see what others thought.
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    Looking forward to responses here.

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    Everyone will come at this differently, but I don't ever see a compelling reason to invest time and money for player service improvements on a runestaff that does not have Cat D functionality unless you fully intend to spend the 250K+ bloodscript to add it later on (ie surita). The argument against the high cost of the item is only compelling if you actually pay for all the unlocks, which you never have to do. Sigil staff is only 11k bloodscrip to buy and unlock to T2, which is all you need to add the Cat D flares. Adding Cat B via DR or EG will cost more than that, and the players services to S6 and T5 and 7X FAR more than that. I would personally move away from the view of not using something because you don't want to pay for the ultimate T5 unlocks, and instead look at what you are willing to spend, and get something that works best at that tier of spending. I would always rather have the possibility of unlocking more tiers later, rather than feeling frustration that I can't afford them all now.

    As for actual choices, I think T2 sigil staff paired with Cat B dispels is a very strong mid-range price choice with endless improvements (and costs) available. I love, love, love animalistic and like its more modular unlocking scheme, but the stance forward requirement of revenge flares for casters stops it from being full S-tier on pures. Sprite is solid, and maybe a better choice if you want something you can "complete" for less than the price of a used vehicle. Fusion is great, if you have orbs, otherwise the other option will actually be cheap by comparison. Greater elemental are the most direct way to Cat D goodness, and the bare minimum I would ever use for something I was going to pay to S6T57x+. Globus are awesome flavor, and my runestaff of choice for many leveling alts, but most don't end up fully decked out for me in a player service sense. Lesser surita + Acuity via DR + S6T57x+eventual Cat D addition via HESS is the ultimate "Number goes up" staff for me at the moment. But that is ending with a Cat D choice rather than starting with one.
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    surita/sigil is the superior mechanical choice with added dispel/disruption/lightning/acuity flares.
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    I would second the comment about the t2 sigil staff being relatively cheap but reasonably powerful. It also includes the ability to transfer a spell from a scroll onto the staff, which may be useful depending on if/how you utilize scrolls.

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