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Thread: Gemstone 4 (SIMU) changes / new currency / GS4 SOLD?

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    Default Gemstone 4 (SIMU) changes / new currency / GS4 SOLD?


    Wyrom fired a bad gm, GMs were told to stop banning people, they need more revenue or GS4 will be sold.

    I was given this information from an EX GM (EX). We kept good relationship and played some online gaming. He told me some information he got and he agreed I was going to share em.

    Believe me or not, that is 0 important. The important thing is there's some stuff going around and you guys must know about it. There's many hints already where all this is going and that may end up known anyway soon enough.


    1) Numbers, revenue were indeed in red lately. Some GMs appreciated their power too much and one of them (eventually got fired) personnally went against a player (cannot confirm if it's either zaoloo or pedoanne) and got that person banned.

    i) There was an internal fight amongst some GMs and a Senior (Naijin?, unconfirmed) threatened to leave if that kind of rampage attitude was to continue.
    ii) Reasons were that banned people for stupid reasons were not providing revenues for simu AND for GMs.
    iii) Wyrom, the pacificator said he was going to do something. That something will be talked a bit more later.
    iv) The rampaged GM continued to over check players, banned someone and that ban was lifted by Wyrom saying he wanted a moratorium on bans (only for
    that GM)
    v) That gm left (or got fired, unconfirmed)

    2) High management, unconfirmed who ( I suspect Estild, Wyrom is not known to be playing the role of bad cop), told GMs that the share % offered to GMs for events was to be downsized since revenues were going lower
    i) High management said that: less players were playing because COVID restrictions; A lot of gms was calling bullshit on that argument
    ii) High management said that: banning people was a bad way to keep GMs motivated since it was directly hurting their $$.... WTF???!???
    iii) High management said that if the revenue continued to be low like they are lately, they were told the game was going to be sold since they're in red.

    3) The Policy 18 & 19 updates were a good compromise for revenues (for simu AND GMs) per Wyrom's decision. But there's more.
    i) A couple of GMs were against it.
    ii) They're looking for around 20% in increase in paid accounts.
    iii) There's talks of a new currency for the new hunting areas that would be used only in said new areas (for specific stuff, I don't know what though).
    iv) They only care about simustore and more stuff will be thrown there to drastically increase revenues.

    Panicked decisions rarely bold good stuff.

    p.s. don't shoot the messenger!

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    I bet the guy works for BOCHAST INTELLIGENCE SERVICES Inc.

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    STFU, that guy is a ninja with 10 PhD

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    The game is in the red? Yeah sure.

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    Boy this is a vomit salad of nonsense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    The game is in the red? Yeah sure.
    Must be that massive overhead.
    yours truly,

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyrant-201 View Post
    Must be that massive overhead.
    Fire extinguishers don’t inspect themselves.

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    All they have to do is make another $25000 pair of rift boots and GS is safe for a few more years.
    You had better pay your guild dues before you forget. You are 113 months behind.

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    Wonder what the asking price is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHAFT View Post
    Wonder what the asking price is?

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