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Thread: Considering taking a break

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    Default Considering taking a break

    Life has done it's thing, and I've found myself in game less and less over the last few months. So I'm considering taking a break. My best guess is that I'll be back sometime in the next year. But it's possible I'm gone for good, especially if the some of the ideas being floated out there become reality.

    I've never taken a break before, so I'm looking for advice on how to manage it. I currently have multiple premium accounts, and would expect to reactivate as premium accounts if/when I come back. If I cancel today and come back in six months, does anything from my accounts go away? As in are my lockers cleared out? Do I lose simucoins on the account? Or anything of value (items, silvers, alt currencies, bounty points, login rewards, enchanting/ensorcell/sanctify juice, etc), for that matter.

    I'm open to leaving one account open and moving everything of value to that one account. But I'd prefer to cancel them all if there are minimal or no consequences, as item management is a pain the ass.

    Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

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    Nothing major is lost, currency, juice, and items will still be with you. If you come back as non-premium and access a locker you may have to do some rearranging. Guilds might kick you out but you don't lose ranks and can just rejoin.
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    If you own a playershop, I think that would get repossessed during the time period.

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    Playershops, private housing, guild memberships are all concerns if you have them. Guilds you can just re-up when you come back. Lockers will all be fine as long as you re-up with premium when you return. All your money, currencies, log-in reward, bounty points will stay as you left them.

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    Your player shop will get repo'd as was said. I suggest getting a shop partner you trust and transferring the ownership to them until you come back.
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    Either sell the player shop or make someone you trust a partner and make sure they check in at least once every 90 days. If you let them use the shop, presumably they would keep an eye on it.

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    Thanks to all for the responses. I have no playershops nor private property, so I'm good there. I have a lot of characters in various guilds, most of which are not guild masters. So that may be annoying but doesn't sound too bad to manage.

    Can anyone confirm that simucoins specifically will remain? I have 100K+ of them on one account, and would hate to lose them. I can't make myself run RW much. The event itself is pretty lackluster, but does have some nice items/services available.

    And hopefully lastly, what information should I save? To reactivate, I've heard people say is it literally as easy as e-mailing Chris in billing. Do I just need account name and associated information? Do I need to save specific information about individual characters/pin numbers?

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    You shouldn't lose any simucoins.

    To reactivate your account name/password and security question is all you need to do it over the website. Account name and security question OR your card on file if you want to reactivate through Chris.
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    Thanks Gelston.

    I've cancelled all of my accounts as of today. It feels oddly freeing.

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