If you know two of the following three, you can compute the third: (a) your ensorcell skill, (b) item difficulty rating from loresong, and (c) Suffuse Estimate. Below is a link to a simple spreadsheet with three calculators that will compute the item difficulty rating or compute your ensorcell skill. For ensorcell skill, there is a calculator to compute it by the direct method of adding up your stat bonuses and skills or to compute it by the simpler and more reliable indirect method of working backward from the item difficulty rating.


  • Buy an off-the-shelf claidhmore for around 1,200 silvers. The loresong difficulty rating for a plain claidhmore will be 1610.

  • Type Suffuse Estimate while holding it in your right hand and while standing in a workshop and wearing the enhancives you would normally wear when ensorcelling.

  • Work backward to your ensorcell skill by adding 150 to the difficulty of 1610 and subtracting the Suffuse Estimate number. For me, that means 1610 + 150 - 1043 = 717 ensorcell skill. You can use one of the calculators on the below linked spreadsheet to get the same result. The number 150 would be different for other professions.

Tip: To avoid putting on your enhancives and going into a workshop in the future, do the Suffuse Estimate while outside of the workshop and while not wearing your enhancives. Note the difference in the two Suffuse Estimate numbers for future use.

To use the spreadsheet, make a copy in your Google Drive account.

I'm working on a new way to sell ensorcells, and this was an exercise to be sure I understand suffusion mechanics. Do you see any errors or potential problems with the calculations?