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Thread: Looking for a reason to keep playing :p

  1. Default Looking for a reason to keep playing :p

    For the past month I have been trying to bring myself to continue playing my level 97 mage, but the game has become stagnant and repetative for me. The lack of attention to hunting grounds, the insistence on making hunting grounds for high levels a royal pain to do without dying repeatedly, and the lack of interaction from the playerbase, 90% of whom are running bigshot or some other script and rolling the dice as to whether they are going to get script checked or not, have made this game not much fun lately.

    I have tried taking a step back and making a new character, but, again, without people interacting socially, there just isnt much fun in hunting the same old crap over and over again, hour after hour.

    Anyone got suggestions on things I can try to interject some fun or even excitement back into my gameplay?

    I know a number of you will take this opportunity to bash me, call me weak, accuse me of being insane, or useless, so fire away, I will just ignore you.

    P.S. Most of the people I know have ceased playing recently or been banned for one reason or another, and that is another major contributing factor to my ennui.

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    Where are you hanging out at?

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    I'd also be curious where you have been hunting at.

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    Ive been doing mostly OSA, but they are banning people for scripting interaction when they are AT THE KEYBOARD ACTIVELY MONITORING WHATS GOING ON, just because they CAN GET AWAY WITH IT.
    I've also been doing the confluence and Old Ta Faendryl, and the planes, and its all just bullshit game mechanics designed to actively SCREW the player no matter how much effort they put into their training or build.

    The game has become nothing but a bunch of numbers to me, and the only places to hang out where people actually interact with each other have NO hunting for people at near to post cap.

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    Well, the 90's are the most difficult levels of the game. Once you cap you can start shoring up your weaknesses.

    As for finding fun, I guess it's different for everyone. I personally enjoy my friendships as well as the roleplaying I do.

    I assume TV has a pretty decent community these days. So does Landing/Icemule/Solhaven. OSA groups can be fun too, if that's your cup of tea.

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    I can honestly say that if it were not for a small group of friends that I regularly hunt with, I would think really hard about taking a break, but they keep it interesting and we harass one another incessantly about everything on discord voice while we play. I would say try to spend some time building some new relationships and if it means starting a new character to do so, so what, I have one of everything and two wizards, I am not saying you should do that of course, it is ridiculous, but one or two more is not so bad an idea.

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    He's gonna quit cuz peggyanne got banned and he can't hunt without dying

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    I hunt without dying just fine most of the time, I just hate hate HATE that all of the high end hunting areas are populated by bullshit monsters who are GODS compared to the player, and routinely one shot you, when YOU cannot do the same to THEM.

    As for Peggy getting banned...I saw it coming a long time ago, its why I stopped doing OSA for the time being until things get sorted out with SIMU about whats allowable and whats not for at-the-keyboard script use.

    Also, have I told you today you are a jackanape?

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    Have you spent much, if any, time in Sanctum? There are definitely some annoyances but overall I don't find it to be a really cheap hunting ground.

    As for OSA.... if you are at the keyboard and responding to things you shouldn't have any concerns about getting a scripting violation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elanthil View Post
    the lack of interaction from the playerbase, 90% of whom are running bigshot...
    Quote Originally Posted by Elanthil View Post
    Anyone got suggestions on things I can try to interject some fun or even excitement back into my gameplay?
    It may not be how you're used to playing, but I don't think interaction while you're out hunting is where you should be looking for it. When I'm out hunting, I'm burning through my Lumnis gift or maybe an RPA orb and I don't want to have dick to do with anyone while I'm hunting. I'm sure as hell running bigshot because it's a lot more efficient, but personally, I'm watching my screen in case something comes up.

    But when I'm not focused on hunting, I'm either focused on merchanting, OR (here's where you come in), actively looking for socializing and RP fun and focusing on that, and only that, while I'm doing it. I went to the Beacon Hall Restday Fastbreaking brunch they have every Sunday in River's Rest, about a month ago. That was the MOST fun I've had in quite some time. They will run a game or two during the event, and it was a blast. <<Looking proudly at the Dock badge I won>>. Do you look for opportunities like that? Roll up a halfling and bring them to the Faendryl Rules of Engagement tonight and heckle them (respectfully and in character of course), or bring yourself if your someone who either likes or dislikes dark elves. What about the Midweek 'Mule Train in Icemule? I haven't done that one yet, but seems like fun. I think instead of just expecting there to be casual roleplaying wherever you're at, you should put effort to seek it out, because the opportunities are there.

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